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What is Crosswalk

Handbook of Research on Technological Developments for Cultural Heritage and eTourism Applications
Process using rules allowing transformation of data from one given metadata format to another.
Published in Chapter:
Semantic Transformation and Use of Cultural Data: Record Once and Publish Many
Feliz Ribeiro Gouveia (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal) and Sérgio Lira (Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2927-9.ch019
Cultural content and cultural assets are increasingly seen as invaluable drivers for education, entertainment, tourism, knowledge, and shared memory initiatives. As such, cultural information, as stored in cultural institutions such as museums, archives, and specialized libraries is increasingly demanded by several actors, from public policy, tourism, app developers and software companies, schools and the citizen at large. To satisfy the needs of such a large spectrum of consumers and end users, the information must be format independent, multi-lingual, multi-purpose, and make use of standards, norms and national and international recommendations. In this is paper we describe our past and current efforts to develop cultural information systems that can satisfy those requirements and those of the specialized public, such as scientists and curators. We describe an inventory and content management system and the conceptual and architectural choices that were made to allow its evolution, standards' compliance and multi-purpose use.
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The Integrated Value Model (IVM): A Relational Data Model of Business Value
The analyst who reviewed the oversight committee’s plan studied that plan, or source document , in context with the other strategic plans (source documents). This overarching analysis is a crosswalk; the act of crosswalking source documents and their components can also be called mapping .
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USGS Digital Libraries for Coastal and Marine Science
A semantic mapping between the elements of two metadata standards, facilitating interoperability.
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Metadata Crosswalks as a Way Towards Interoperability
A table that maps the relationships and equivalencies between two or more metadata schemes.
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