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What is Local Culture

Challenges and New Opportunities for Tourism in Inland Territories: Ecocultural Resources and Sustainable Initiatives
It is the life of a nation in the form of attitudes, values, traditions and customs that arise over time.
Published in Chapter:
Slow Tourism in the Sustainability of Local Culture
Zeynep Çokal (Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey) and Nilgün Demirel (Igdır University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7339-6.ch008
The essence of slow tourism is the sustainability of the locals. Slow tourism includes tourism activities by visiting slow cities, tasting slow food, and enjoying the moment, avoiding the worry of uploading photos to social media accounts while experiencing all these. Slow tourism is based on the need to experience travel within the framework of sustainability and to prioritize the locals during these travels. What is important in this tourism activity is not how long a destination is spent or how many destinations are visited, but how productive time is spent at the destination and the emotions that emerge afterward. In addition to these, many practices are carried out to ensure the sustainability of local culture, especially in slow cities, within the scope of slow tourism. Practices such as the continuation of local handicrafts, ensuring the continuity of local life under the influence of ancient civilizations, and sustainability of the local architectural style are included in slow city destinations. The essence of all this is to ensure the continuity of the local culture.
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Common Trends in Frameworks for Analyzing Intercultural Content in Language Teaching Course Books
The immediate environmental context, local traditions, and the unique cultural practices specific to a localized area.
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Sustainability as a Consequence of Memory and Memorable Experience
Local features of cultural, historical or lifestyle specific to the destination visited.
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