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What is Bilateral Trade

Evaluating Trade and Economic Relations Between India and Southeast Asia
It is the exchange of goods between two nations to promote trade and investment.
Published in Chapter:
Strengthening the Bilateral Relationship Between India and Thailand Through Tourism
Harpreet Kaur (Central Queensland University, Australia) and Ayasha Siddika (Australian Institute of Higher Education, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5774-7.ch008
India and Thailand have a long-term relationship. Both countries geographically are in extended neighbourhood and share a maritime boundary. Both countries taken together constitute 18.6% of the world's population. They have deep rooted similar history, cultures, philosophies, and religions. They share the same link of Buddhism. Even Hinduism has some reflection on Thai architecture, arts, names of cities, sculpture, dance, drama, and literature. In this chapter, Thailand has been chosen due to physical proximity, cultural, and ideological similarities with India. India and Thailand have celebrated more than 70 years of bilateral diplomatic relationship. In the past two decades, with regular political exchanges of growing trade and investment, India's relationship with Thailand has grown into a comprehensive partnership. India's ‘Act East' policy has been complemented by Thailand's ‘Act West' policy in bringing the two countries closer. Both countries are important regional partners under BIMSTEC linking Northeastern Indian states with Southeast Asia.
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Look-East Act-East Policy: India and South-East Asian Economic Cooperation
Bilateral trade is a cross border transaction or commerce that occurs between two countries. Bilateral trade is an agreement between two countries, to promote trade and commerce between them which is mutually beneficial for economic development and stability. It opens markets and eliminates or reduces tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade and agrees not to dump unfairly goods in other country.
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Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Trade Relationships Between Australia and South Asian Nations
The exchange of goods between two nations promoting trade and investment. The two countries will reduce or eliminate tariffs, import quotas, export restraints, and other trade barriers to encourage trade and investment.
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Australia-India: Bilateral Trade Opportunities and Challenges
Is an agreement of trade in goods and services, including tariff rates between two countries, such as Australia and India, which will mutually benefit both the countries in achieving sustainable development goals and inclusive economic development and growth.
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