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What is Student Support

Handbook of Research on Building, Growing, and Sustaining Quality E-Learning Programs
Distance learning programs offer online student support services, such as online advising and registration, e-counseling, online textbook purchases, library services, tutoring, career placement, ADA support, among other services.
Published in Chapter:
Moving e-Learning Forward: A Study of the Impact of the Continual Changing Landscape of e-Learning
Deb Gearhart (Ohio University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0877-9.ch005
The purpose of the chapter is to incorporate current research into a review of the administration of an e-Learning program at a traditional university. The study reviews the background for a strategic online administrator, reviews the challenges of integrating e-Learning in a traditional institution, and review models for developing the e-Learning program of the future. The research review demonstrates the need for a strong, strategic e-Learning administrator to champion e-Learning within the institution. Literature supports the need for enrollment growth, providing services to faculty and students, to deal with internal and external constituents and the need for continuous quality improvement. Models are provided to the readers.
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Institutional Support Available to Enhance the Mental Health of Students at the University of Namibia
The term “student support” refers to a complex approach used in institutions of higher learning. It includes a wide range of services and resources aimed at empowering students, meeting their many needs, and promoting their success both academically and personally ( Guo et al., 2022 ).
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Understanding Student Support: The Link Between Faculty, Student, and Online Learning
Student support is an all-inclusive term for academic and non-academic assistance towards the student’s learning, health, spiritual being, community engagement, hidden curriculum, extra curriculum activities, and a successful graduation from the program. It should include preparation for learning challenges, career guidance and counselling, continuous administrative support, computer skills, technology and library training, tuition and mentoring support, peer support, and community support.
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Students' Support in an ODeL Context: Students in ODeL
Student support in an ODeL context is all the collaborative activities provided to the distant student by fellow students, lecturers, administrative staff, the community and the information and communication technologists, being pedagogical, social, emotional and technological in nature. These activities aim at preventing high attrition rates and prolonged completion of registered programs and at enabling students to complete the program for which they have registered.
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Researching Distance Education
This refers to all activities and arrangements that are put in place to facilitate the achievement of the intended learning outcomes.
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