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What is Students of Color

Handbook of Research on Global Issues in Next-Generation Teacher Education
Group of students also referred to by some as “minority” students. Includes Asian American/Pacific Islanders, African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American/American Indian.
Published in Chapter:
Preparing Teacher Candidates for Diverse School Environments
Omobolade Delano-Oriaran (St. Norbert College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9948-9.ch017
This chapter shares an Authentic and Culturally Engaging (ACE) Service-Learning framework as a pedagogical approach in equipping teacher candidates with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in-service teachers in diverse PK-12 school environments. As PK-12 schools become more racially and culturally diverse, there is a need to better prepare teacher candidates for diverse school environments, especially given that many teachers have asserted that they do not know how to teach diverse students. The chapter highlights components of the ACE framework and suggests practical strategies that teacher educators can use in integrating this framework into their courses. The end of the chapter focuses on teacher educators and how they can engage in a relearning process to unpack their previous knowledge regarding social justice and multicultural education in an effort to prepare their teacher candidates for diverse schools followed by a suggested checklist applicable to any teacher preparation course.
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Students of Color and Anecdotal Pedagogy: A Success Story
All student populations that are not of white or European background, including students of color from countries outside of the United States.
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Dealing With the Elephant in the Classroom: Reflections From a Graduate Course That Argues That Race Still Matters in Service Learning!
Persons who self-identify as non-white; those of African, Hispanic/Latino/a, Asian, Pacific Islander, Aboriginal, Alaskan/Native American descent.
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Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy: A Classroom Perspective
The term is used to refer to students that belong to an ethnic group that is not white. In this study, students were asked to self-identify.
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An Educational Catch-22: Why Schools With the Greatest Need Are Least Likely to Have School Social Workers
A general term for students who identify as Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American (including Alaskan Native), Pacific Islander, Multi-racial, or Asian. However, when discussing educational outcomes, Asian Americans are often excluded from this term in the United States.
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