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What is Synthesis

Basic Communication and Assessment Prerequisites for the New Normal of Education
Concisely summarizing and linking different sources to form a complete whole.
Published in Chapter:
Framework to Navigate the Virtual Classroom Space
Salome Divya Joseph (SRM University, India), Sasikala S. (University of Madras, India), and Antony Vinoth Kumar (University of Madras, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8247-3.ch013
This chapter addresses the need to develop sustainable and contextual teaching-learning processes with the paradigm shift in pedagogy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Descriptive factors associated with preference for mode of learning was determined through a survey among 169 teachers and 388 students from engineering, humanities, and science backgrounds in South India. Thereafter, a qualitative study was carried out on selected survey respondents. The main research questions raised were: What are the expectations of teachers while teaching online? What are the expectations of students while learning online? What are the outcomes of online teaching-learning (teachers' and students' perspectives)? How can online teaching-learning be improved? Qualitative inquiry, through questionnaires and interview, was carried out among 15 teachers and 17 students. Thematic analysis was carried out. The findings gave rise to the formulation of a framework to navigate the virtual classroom space.
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More Results
Low-Power Methodologies and Strategies in VLSI Circuits
The process of converting the code (program) into a circuit.
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Measuring Collaboration in Online Communication
Occurs when the final product of a group effort includes information and other elements from all members in such a way that individual contributions are difficult or impossible to identify.
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Engaging Teachers With Students: Reaching Reluctant and Struggling Readers
Sorting and chunking information, incorporating new information with previous knowledge.
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The Analytic Hierarchy Process: Structuring, Measurement, and Synthesis
Synthesis is the combining of separate elements to form a coherent whole.
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A Case Study of Instructional Delivery Formats
In Bloom’s taxonomy, higher order thinking where a student puts together multiple ideas.
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Ambiguity and Group Consensus
In problem solving, the convergent process by which an individual or a group recompose the basic parts of a problem such as constraints, resources, assumptions, and so forth, into a feasible solution.
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Multiplier for DSP Application in CPS System
Is a process of transforming HDL design into a gate-level netlist.
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Application of Complexity Theory in Representation of the City
Combination of elements or components in order to form a coherent system.
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