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What is Teacher Leader

Empowering Formal and Informal Leadership While Maintaining Teacher Identity
An educational stakeholder who presumes the responsibility of being both a classroom teacher and a leader in their school community.
Published in Chapter:
Teacher Leadership in Special Education
Annie Nguyen Tran (Boston Public Schools, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6500-1.ch006
This chapter addresses the impact of the traditional hierarchical system of organizational leadership on K-12 schools, particularly in special education. This model of leadership distinguishes leaders, such as school principals, from non-leaders, such as teachers and school staff. For special education teachers, this passé model of leadership becomes a barrier for professional growth by limiting the opportunities for teacher leadership in special education. In order for special education teachers to pursue leadership positions in the K-12 education system, teachers likely have to give up their teaching identities in exchange for new roles and responsibilities. With a limitation of research in the area of teacher leadership in special education, there is a need for discussion on how special education teachers can use their expertise to influence school administrators and staff towards equitable and inclusive organizational change.
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Classroom Equity and the Role of a Teacher Leader: Making Classrooms Equitable to All Students
A teacher who has taken on the role of serving in both formal and informal leadership roles within the school building and collaborates with colleagues to work toward better educational outcomes for students.
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Leading Beyond the Classroom: Three Cases of Teacher Advocacy
A teacher who takes on additional responsibilities related to education beyond their classroom.
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Accelerated Learning Is Possible for Special Education Students: Literacy Lessons Intervention Challenges the Deficit Mindset Within Special Education Instruction
A certified teacher employed by a school district to fulfill the role of Reading Recovery/Literacy Lessons teacher trainer and ongoing support personnel. Trained by Reading Recovery trainers at a university training center the district is affiliated with, teacher leaders provide the initial and ongoing training for Reading Recovery/Literacy Lessons teachers as well as continuously monitor teacher instruction and student data for implementation within their site.
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Micro-Credentialing Teacher Leadership: Coaching Digital Professional Development
An active teacher who is trained in adult learning and leads a group of other teachers or administrators towards a common goal.
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Mapping Problems to Solutions: Logic Modeling in a Graduate Teacher Leadership Course
A term applied to teachers who take on leadership roles and additional professional and decision-making responsibilities in their schools.
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