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What is Teleconferencing

Handbook of Research on Enhancing Teacher Education with Advanced Instructional Technologies
A system of teaching learning process involving the use of computers and telecommunication equipment.
Published in Chapter:
Potentials of Selected Information and Communication Technologies in Adult Education Programmes in Nigeria
Melvins Enwuvesi Hanachor (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria) and Rex Aduvo Needom (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8162-0.ch003
This chapter evaluated the potentials of selected information and communication technologies in adult education programmes in Nigeria. Infrastructure and funding are among the important issues, but scepticism about the pedagogic value of information and communication technologies and staff development are probably the most challenging. Institutions are grappling with bringing use and funding of e-learning and other computer-based instructional strategies into the mainstream of their organizations, and are beginning to contemplate restructuring to take account of information and communication technologies, in terms of staffing, staff development, course design and student support. Even though studies have captured the imperatives of information and communication technologies in Nigeria's educational system, little is still known about the subject matter in relation to adult education systems in the country. Consequently, this chapter explores and provides the much-needed insight on the subject and the issues that the process raises in the context of adult education in Nigeria.
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Integrating New Technologies to Promote Distance Learning
Many-to-many synchronous communication between two or more groups in separate sites via audio, video, and/or computer systems. Participants at each site can simultaneously hear and see each other via monitors. Connecting two sites together is known as point-to-point or site-to-site conferencing. A connection between three or more sites is known as multipoint or multisite conferencing.
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Distance Education
Communication that allows participants to hear and see each other at multiple remote locations.
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