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What is Triangular Fuzzy Number (TFN)

Handbook of Research on Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory in Organizational Decision Making
A triplet ( m 1 , m 2 , m 3 ) is known as Triangular Fuzzy Number, where “ m 1 ” represents smallest likely value, “m 2 ” the most probable value, and “ m 3 ” the largest possible value of any fuzzy event.
Published in Chapter:
Selection of Green Suppliers Based on GSCM Practices: Using Fuzzy MCDM Approach in an Electronics Company
Akshay Kumar Uppala (VIT University, India), Rishabh Ranka (VIT University, India), J. J. Thakkar (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India), Manupati Vijay Kumar (VIT University, India), and Shilpa Agrawal (VIT University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1008-6.ch016
The environmental pressure from various stakeholders, particularly in the selection of green suppliers in the industrial sector, is alarming. The companies are realizing the significance of incorporating green practices in their daily operations. This chapter proposes a framework on the criteria of GSCM practices using MCDM analysis to select green suppliers for an Indian electronics company. The authors have collected the data from a set of 10 available suppliers. The authors use fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS approach to rank the suppliers based on the decision makers' preferences on the selection of green suppliers using GSCM practices. The three dominating criteria concluded by the results are the commitment of senior management towards GSCM; product design that incorporates three R's policy for component, materials, and energy; abidance with environmental laws and auditing programs. This chapter carries out a comparison between Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) and Fuzzy TOPSIS method to enhance the quality of decision making and validate the rankings.
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Use of Grey Numbers for Evaluating a System's Performance Under Fuzzy Conditions
The simplest form of a FN, whose membership function’s graph forms a triangle with the OX-axis. The defuzzification of a TFN A= ( a. b, c ) may be obtained by considering as its representative crisp value the x-coordinate X (A) = of the COG of its membership function.
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Application of Fuzzy Numbers to Assessment Processes
The simplest form of a fuzzy number, whose membership function’s graph forms a triangle with the OX-axis.
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