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What is Global Literacy

Handbook of Research on Virtual Training and Mentoring of Online Instructors
An understanding of people from other cultures, who speak other languages, and the ability to work well alongside them.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Online Learners' Media Literacy for Effective Training of Online Instructors
Cathryn Crosby (Teachers College, Columbia University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6322-8.ch001
The increase in online courses offered in higher education, the reliance on highly developed academic literacy skills to learn course content, the complex nature of media literacy, the negotiation of multiple technologies, and the corresponding media literacy together can be quite challenging for online learners. Most research conducted on academic literacies has focused primarily on academic reading and writing practices rather than on media literacy. This chapter discusses an investigation of media literacy in an online course, the experience learners had with this literacy and online tasks. The chapter discusses results of data from the online learners and instructor, which showed the instructor required different media literacy proficiency than what the online learners possessed prior to beginning the online course. Finally, the chapter presents implications the study findings have for online instructors' effective development, design, and delivery of online courses and development of online learners' media literacy.
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Emphasizing Diversity through 3D Multi-User Virtual Worlds
The ability of all citizens throughout the world to identify, interpret, analyze, synthesize, create, use, communicate, and share new knowledge using the written word, multimedia, and communication technologies with a worldwide audience. An understanding that the world is multicultural with specific and subtle differences in individuals and in cultural groups, both locally and globally.
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Multiliteracies Pedagogy
Global literacy is characterized by a multiplicity of social and digital skills required to function in a democratically pluralistic, shared community, across geographical and international contexts. In the global community, environmental and social literacies are imperative for sustaining peace and the common good ( Cazden et al, 1996 ; Zammit, 2012 ; Bajaj & Chui, 2009 AU31: The in-text citation "Bajaj & Chui, 2009" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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