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What is User Generated Content

Handbook of Research on Social Media Applications for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
Any type of content, such as text, video, pictures, blog, Wikipedia content, that is created by a user and promoted on Internet through Social Media. Through SM there is a shift from content owner to content contribution.
Published in Chapter:
Impacts of Social Media on Business Value and Performance
Valentina Della Corte (University Federico II of Naples, Italy), Krishnan Umachandran (NELCAST, India), Fabiana Sepe (Federico II University of Naples, Italy), Giuliana Nevola (Federico II University of Naples, Italy), and Amuthalakshmi Periasamy (Madras School of Social Work, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1947-9.ch006
The aim of this chapter is to study the main impacts of social media on business value and performance. ICT can be a resource in resource-based perspective, becoming itself a possible source of competitive advantage (in terms of performance and value creation). A proactively tailored organization strategy can drive the people, processes, and systems, harmoniously pulling all the stakeholders in unison. Social media can bring in the commitment of the workforce and ensure involved, flexible, innovative working practices, improving the quality of work. When properly used, they can build organizations to more flexible structures, sharing services, competitiveness and interdependencies. The business processes can be harmonized by standard operating procedures, automated systems of agreed quality, prime up the competency development and facilitate clear career paths. Refining suppleness to work in tune to market demands and supplementing employee satisfaction can foster the development of individual accountability leading to leadership evolution.
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A Conceptual Framework to Understand Online Destination Images: A Research Model Utilizing User-Generated Content Through Twitter
Any type of shared communicated content that has been created and shared through online platforms by unpaid contributors.
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Determinants for Value Creation in Mobile Apps Within the Tourist Experience: An Exploratory Study in a Northern City in Portugal
Contents generated by online users with information about experiences, such as photographs, texts and opinions, habits and purchases.
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The Management of Social Media and the Relationship With the Client From the Perspective of the Managers of Small Hotels in a City in Brazil
is any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been produced and shared by end users of an online service or website. This includes any content that is shared or produced by users that are members or subscribers of the service, but it is not produced by the website or service itself.
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Mobile Phones: News Consumption, News Creation, and News Organization Accommodations
Content created and distributed by users of digital media.
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Online Social and Business Networks’ Implications for Corporate Strategy
The term user generated content is related with content production by users without editorial control. Its use for a wide range of applications, including, news, gossip and research, reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies that are accessible and affordable to the general public.
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Opinion Mining and Information Retrieval: Techniques for E-Commerce
It refers to the content produced by the consumers on various types of media like forum, blogs, discussion boards, and social networking sites.
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Socio-Economic Processes, User Generated Content, and Media Pluralism
Any form of online content that is created and distributed by consumers and users.
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Issues and Challenges in Enterprise Social Media
Content such as text, video, audio, images appearing on blogs, wikis, discussion forums and other social media websites created by users of these online services.
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Exploring Ideas and Possibilities of Second Life as an Advanced E-Learning Environment
User generated content also known as user created content. It refers to digital content that are produced by the Internet end users, not the content experts
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