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What is OpenSim

Handbook of Research on Collaborative Teaching Practice in Virtual Learning Environments
it is an open-source server 3D multi-platform for hosting virtual worlds that can be accessed by a variety of clients.
Published in Chapter:
Virtual Worlds: Places Where You Can Find Your True Talents
Michelangelo Tricarico (ITET G. Salvemini, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2426-7.ch027
This chapter discusses the author's experience in virtual environments, with particular reference to virtual reconstruction. The events are narrated from the perspective of a student who at first developed his skills in this specific field at school, and then became competent and passionate enough to teach what he had learned in the course of time. He describes his experience from early school projects to the personal ones; from his award as a “Master Builder” to his early teaching lessons. Other learning activities that can be carried out in a virtual world are also illustrated, with particular reference to “coding”, which appears to be of great interest to the author. The main objective of this paper is to highlight the potential of a 3D virtual environment for the reconstruction of monuments, i.e., the author's area of expertise. It also provides a description of other activities that can be performed in a virtual environment, while illustrating the most common issues that can be experienced and suggesting how to solve them.
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Comparing Two Teacher Training Courses for 3D Game-Based Learning: Feedback From Trainee Teachers
Or OpenSimulator is a multi-user open-source 3D immersive environment which enables users to create and customize content and can be used for education and learning via voice and/or text chat.
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Creative Collaborative Virtual Environments
Open-source multi-user 3D application server, used to create digital environments enabled by network technologies, experienced through the use of avatars that represent the user in the environment, on multiple protocols. This software enables developers to create and customize virtual worlds, using their preference of technologies. These worlds can be hyperlinked with each other, using the Hypergrid as an additional resource ( OpenSimulator, 2014 ).
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The Educational Value of the Escape Room in Virtual Environments
Opensim is a 3D graphics platform that can be accessed through an avatar (a digital representation of ourselves), and in which it is possible to build your own “world”, freeing creativity and imagination on your PC or becoming part of a of the hundreds of “virtual communities” existing in the world.
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Virtual Laboratories Development Using 3D Environments
OpenSimulator or simply OpenSim is a multi-platform server used to create virtual environments, named regions, as well as 3D applications that can be accessed by several users through a network protocol. OpenSim can be installed either in standalone mode for a single environment or in hypergrid mode that allows the integration of different regions.
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Learning Analytics in the Monitoring of Learning Processes: 3D Educational Collaborative Virtual Environments
Open-source multi-platform where we can create complex 3D environments and includes facilities for creating custom avatars, chatting with others in the environment, building 3D content in world.
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Art and Didactics in Virtual Worlds: How Technology Can Activate Social Skills
Extensible platform which can simulate virtual 3-dimensional spaces. This platform is coded in its default configuration to be somewhat compatible with the Second Life viewer application, released under GPL by Linden Lab.
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