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What is Immersive Media

Methodologies and Use Cases on Extended Reality for Training and Education
Media which are developed to be consumed in devices such as HMD (head-mounted displays) and providing an immersive experience, essentially through the senses of sight and hearing. Other senses are also involved, and it’s relevant the body position, which contributes to determine the feeling of presence, and, thus, the immersive experience. Other senses may be also involved in the feeling of immersiveness, but further research is necessary to determine which role are playing.
Published in Chapter:
XR Journalism Lab: An Innovative Space for Research and Training in Immersive Journalism
Manuel Gertrudix (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), José Luis Rubio-Tamayo (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), Daniel Wuebben (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), and Alberto Sanchez-Acedo (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3398-0.ch001
Extended reality (XR) has great possibilities for the development and dissemination of multimedia content. One of the areas where extended reality can have a significant impact is in the field of journalism within information and communication sciences. In this chapter, the authors determine the features of current XR media, including virtual reality and augmented reality and their application in the teaching of journalism. This review shows that XR technology can serve to capture reality, simulate it, and recreate fictional scenarios. From 360º video to volumetric video, from artificial intelligence to deep learning, the extended reality is reshaping how rigorous communication research is conducted and how scientific results are crafted for public audiences. Therefore, from the analysis of these available technologies and their potential evolution, this chapter establishes the key features of a learning laboratory for immersive journalism. The authors conclude by showing how XR can open new space for journalism teaching and research.
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Immersive Learning, Immersive Scenarios, and Immersive Technologies
Immersive media is a media format that is perceived through all human senses, thus providing an immersive experience.
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The Intersection of Digital Humanities and Artistic Augmented/Virtual Reality Research in Hong Kong
Multimedia environments that create the sensation of being physically immersed in a virtual world.
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