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What is Analogy

Navigating Post-Doctoral Career Placement, Research, and Professionalism
A literary term used to show a comparison between two things for the purpose of clarification.
Published in Chapter:
After the Storm: Reflections of Life Post-Dissertation
Nakiesha Melvin Sprull (Mercer University, USA) and Cristy B. Starling (Mercer University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5065-6.ch003
This chapter describes the experiences of two Black women that have earned doctoral degrees from predominately white institutions, through their narratives. The authors described their experiences using the metaphorical backdrop of a storm. The beginning of their doctoral program represents the calm before the storm. Their experiences within their doctoral program symbolize the authors' movement through the eye of the storm. Finally, the description of the aftermath of the storm symbolizes their post-doctoral journey. They use Tinto's student integrations model as the lens to view their narratives. They describe their institutional experiences by elaborating on their goal and institutional commitments, and their academic and social systems. One of the social aspects of the institutional experience that helped them successfully navigate their doctoral program was inclusion in the Brown Gurlz. The Brown Gurlz is a group of Black women who need a space and place to collaborate and share experiences to benefit all that are in the group.
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Active Use of Analogy Method With Technology in Education
Explaining a new (unknown) situation for the first time, using a well-known and familiar concept to describe a new (first-time) concept that is complex or difficult to understand.
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High-Throughput GRID Computing for Life Sciences
A structure performs the same or similar function by a similar mechanism but evolved separately. Similar structures may have evolved through different pathways, a process known as convergent evolution.
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Learning Arabic through Language of Journalism
Refers to the process of creating new formations in comparison to already existing forms according to already existing rules.
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Effect of External Activate Factors Serving as Clue: Creating New Products or Services Ideas With Storytelling
A way of thinking that brings new idea is characterized as a cognitive process from the given base words to the different concepts.
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Synectics as a Modern Method of Solving Creative Problems
A cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue, or source) to another (the target), or a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process.
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Should the Cloud Computing Definition Include a Big Data Perspective?
A way to explain a point of view, not a demonstration or a deduction. It is a way of explaining a point of view by looking at a simpler example.
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