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What is American Sign Language

Advising Preservice Teachers Through Narratives From Students With Disabilities
American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary language of the deaf community in North America. It uses a combination of hand movements, facial expressions, and body posture. Below are videos of common signs, signed by interpreters at Microsoft, and a chart that illustrates the American Manual Alphabet.
Published in Chapter:
Communication and Competence
Jamie L. Sibole (Waverly City Schools, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7359-4.ch005
Many factors are important when planning and implementing strategies for teaching in the multiple disability/cross-categorical classroom. No two students' needs are alike; however, two areas are invariably a topic of discussion and lead many of the decisions being made in the individual's educational program: communication and presumed competence. The following chapter includes student narratives for a child with multiple disabilities as well as a child with autism spectrum disorder. Each child exhibits a significant communication delay and is considered to be non-verbal. The narratives along with strategies used to support the students have been included. Common misconceptions about augmentative and alternative communication use and presumed competence among students with significant communication needs are examined as well as research and theory concerning these areas.
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EmBRACE the Transition: Reflections From Three Deaf Education Faculty
The natural sign language of deaf people in the United States and Canada, among other places; this language has its own unique parameters of language including syntax, semantics, pragmatics, morphology, and phonology.
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The Yin and Yang of Hands Talking: Voices of Deaf Education
A visual language with grammatical rules similar to spoken languages.
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