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What is Anomie

Exploring Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom
A state of normlessness due to a society’s lack of moral regulation that has the potential to lead to deviant behaviors.
Published in Chapter:
Comics and Community: Exploring the Relationship Between Society, Education, and Citizenship
Justin Martin (Whitworth University, USA), Mark Killian (Whitworth University, USA), and Angelo Letizia (Notre Dame of Maryland University, USA)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 26
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4313-2.ch011
The authors use the setting, text, and form of comics to explore the relationship between society, education, and citizenship. The relationship is explored through analyses rooted in three distinct disciplines and applied to three superheroes whose narratives are often rooted in the communities in which they live: sociology (Daredevil and Hell's Kitchen), psychology (Black Panther and Wakanda), and citizenship education (Batman and Gotham). Collectively, these analyses highlight the potential of an interdisciplinary investigation of comics for providing opportunities for educators, researchers, and laypersons to (re)imagine what it means to live in a community with others. After the superheroes (and comics) are discussed within their respective analytical frames, implications for educators and researchers will be discussed. The chapter concludes with suggestions for using comics to aid in students' formulation and articulation of evidence-based, well-reasoned arguments about matters related to (re)imagined communities and citizenship education.
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Urbane-ing the City: Examining and Refining the Assumptions Behind Urban Informatics
Emile Durkheim used the term “anomie” to refer to the experience of an absence of social norms. Various writers have employed it to characterise the social isolation and alienation from communitarian life and social ties associated with the scale and anonymity of urban environments.
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Economic Anomie and Suicide During War Times
Contrary to popular understanding, anomie is not anomalous. When Durkheim comments on anomie, he mentions economic anomie. Anomia occurs in a moment of sudden and surprising change and transformation or chaos. Suicides may also increase in economic growth in periods of unbalanced income distribution.
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The Phenomenon of Corruption and Its Impact on the Loss of Social Cohesion in Colombia
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Active Learning and Disaster Risk Reduction: Playing the Game of Your Life
Social instability that occurs after societal bonds, common rules, standards, and values break down in society.
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The Economic Anomie and Crime in Turkey
The concept of anomie is generally highlighted with its social content. Its meaning is lawlessness or “order of disorder” derived from “nomos.”
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