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What is Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Interrogating Race and Racism in Postsecondary Language Classrooms
Anti-racist pedagogy refers to an approach to teaching and education that actively works against and challenges racism. It aims to create inclusive and equitable learning environments that empower students to recognize, confront, and dismantle systemic racial injustices.
Published in Chapter:
A Systematized Review of Anti-Racist Pedagogical Strategies
Teresa Holden (University of Windsor, Canada) and Clayton Smith (University of Windsor, Canada)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9029-7.ch014
Racism permeates postsecondary language classrooms around the world which affects the experiences and learning outcomes of language students, namely those who study English as an additional language and English as a foreign language, referred to as additional language learners (ALLs), English as a second language (ESL), or English language learners (ELLs). Through an interrogation of the connection between race and language instruction, this chapter discusses anti-racist practices that interfere with language teaching in higher education. It presents a systematized review that aims to critically examine existing literature on the interrogation of racism within higher education with a focus on anti-racist pedagogical strategies. Critical Race Theory (CRT) guides the analysis and highlights the underlying power structures and systemic racism that shape language education. This review finds evidence of epistemological racism, linguistic biases, White supremacy, and English language dominance in the higher education language classroom. Recommendations for teacher practice are made.
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More Results
Learning Community Partnerships: Building Collaborations on Campus and Beyond
Approaches to teaching which involve working to actively and explicitly dismantle structures of racism in the classroom, curriculum, and wider world, rather than simply focusing on racism as a subject of study.
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Supporting Teacher Candidates as Social Justice Change-Makers: A Faculty-Librarian Collaboration for Building and Using Diverse Youth Collections
An approach to teaching and learning that has as its goal the disruption of systemic racism and its impacts in education and in other institutions in order to create more equity and justice for those who have been historically marginalized and/or oppressed in society.
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Confronting Bias in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation: A Journey of Reflection and Transformation
An educational practice that actively confronts and dismantles systemic racism within learning environments through inclusive teaching methods, curriculum, and policies.
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Beyond Multicultural Counseling Competencies: An Anti-Oppression Framework for Counselors
Teaching philosophy and practices that acknowledge that racist ideologies transcend individuals and sustain institutional power and policies that maintain racial disparities, cultivating a commitment to actively engage in dismantling these systems and structures of oppression.
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