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What is Artistic Education

Challenges of the Educational System in Contemporary Society
It is one of the areas taught in Primary Education and refers to both music and art.
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Plastic, Visual, and Audiovisual Education as an Element for Developing Awareness of Socially, Ethically, and Environmentally Relevant Values
María del Pilar Aparicio-Flores (Universidad de Alicante, Spain) and Aitana Fernández-Sogorb (University of Alicante, Spain)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8156-1.ch009
Educational progress and awareness of ethical and social values are sustainable development goals contained in the Agenda 2030. Artistic education can be an area that helps in the development of ethical values from its practical and motivational nature. For this reason, the aim is to observe the perceptions of future teachers on the usefulness of artistic education for developing awareness of ethical and social topics. We used the narratives of 30 university students studying for the Early Childhood Education Teaching Degree, from a virtual debate. The results reflected a positive attitude and were classified into subjects such as art as an active methodological and participative tool, art as an aspect for developing awareness and art as an element that communicates emotions and personal perceptions. Future teachers should reflect on the usefulness of art to awareness of social matters so they are able to enjoy these benefits in their future classrooms.
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Innovating in the Teaching of Perspective Drawing: From the Physical Model to the Virtual Environment
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Artistic Education Areas: Methodological Integration
An individual continuous process of spiritual self-perfection of the personality through multiple forms of contact with art. In K-12 arts education there are two approaches: 1. Education for art, aimed at preparing those who receive/interpret arts for the understanding as well as for assimilation of artistic messages; 2. Education through art, which endorses the educational potential of the artwork toward the general development of the student personality.
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