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What is Case-Based Instruction

Handbook of Research on Critical Thinking Strategies in Pre-Service Learning Environments
Case-based instruction is a teaching method that uses facts within a narrative to describe a problem scenario or target issue.
Published in Chapter:
Developing Critical Thinking and Reflection in Teachers Within Teacher Preparation
Beth Harn (University of Oregon, USA) and McKenzie Meline (University of Oregon, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7823-9.ch007
To better prepare teachers for the field, education preparation programs (EPP) need to increase their emphasis on using practice-based experiences that are embedded throughout the teacher preparation program. These experiences must give opportunities for TCs to practice reflective and critical thinking skills. These key skills must be explicitly taught and scaffolded throughout the practice-based experiences to better prepare self-reflective TCs and critical thinking practitioners. Therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to show how to incorporate critical thinking and reflective practice opportunities in (1) content courses using case-based instruction, video-based instruction, lesson study, and microteaching; (2) within practicum settings using observational feedback and video analysis; and (3) finally, incorporating performance assessments, such as the EdTPA and PPAT, to measure a TC's ability to provide instruction while thinking critically.
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Student-Authored Case Studies: The Case of an Educational Leadership Course in Kazakhstan
An instructional strategy in which students discuss, analyze and offer possible solutions to real life case studies which include a narrative that describes a problem situation.
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Teaching With Case Studies in Higher Education
A teaching technique that instructs by using real-life or simulated scenarios requiring the student to use acquired knowledge and analytic skills to solve a problem.
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An Interdisciplinary Case-Based Approach to Preservice Interprofessional Training
An approach to teaching and learning focused on practical application through a case study. It involves active learning practices where learners approach real-world scenarios that encourage applying knowledge to make decisions in the case. Case-based instruction is one type of problem-based learning.
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Assessment of Case-Based Instruction in a Graduate Educational Psychology Course: Preparing P-12 Teachers for Classroom Management
Real-life classroom episodes used as teaching tools for strengthening in-service teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills of their professional discipline.
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