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What is Constructs

Handbook of Research on Assessment Literacy and Teacher-Made Testing in the Language Classroom
Constructs are traits, skills, or concepts that are targeted in assessment.
Published in Chapter:
A Training Project to Develop Teachers' Assessment Literacy
Jiyoon Lee (University of Maryland – Baltimore County, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6986-2.ch004
While every stakeholder in education is concerned with assessment in one way or another, it is undeniable that the teachers play pivotal roles in assessment. Teachers are involved in developing and administering the classroom-based or high-stakes assessment, analyzing and using the assessment results for their instruction, and communicating the results with other stakeholders including students and parents. However, research studies documented that pre-service teachers do not receive enough education to develop their assessment literacy. This chapter described a pedagogical project that pre-service ESOL teachers engaged to improve their language assessment literacy (LAL). Based on the definitions of LAL discussed in the chapter and test-usefulness framework, the author developed a pedagogical project where pre-service ESOL teachers developed and critique their assessment practices.
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More Results
Methodology and Method in Case Study Research: Framing Research Design in Practice
The formulation of diverse and/or numerous conceptual elements.
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Use of NLP and SEM in Determining Factors for E-Service Adoption
In structured equation modeling each measure is associated with only one latent variable termed as a construct.
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An Evidence-Based Health Information System Theory
Is a term or label invented by the researcher for a specific purpose to describe a phenomenon or group of phenomena. In other words, it is a summary of thoughts related to a phenomenon.
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