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What is Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP)

Dispositional Development and Assessment in Teacher Preparation Programs
Using students’ cultural experiences, backgrounds, knowledge, and to inform the teacher’s lessons and methodology.
Published in Chapter:
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Analysis of Cultural Dispositions in Teacher Education
Dana A. Gathers (Marist College, USA) and Christina Wright Fields (Marist College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4089-6.ch007
The purpose of this chapter is to contextualize cultural dispositions as an integral component in the development of teacher candidates' professional dispositions. Through a culturally relevant pedagogical (CRP) lens, the chapter defines cultural dispositions using the CRP tenets: academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness in the field of teacher education. The authors, two Black women teacher educators, argue that developing and supporting teacher candidates' cultural dispositions should be integrated into teacher education programs. The authors center the lived experiences as Black women educators to offer insight and perspectives on the value of developing teacher candidates' cultural dispositions. Other teacher educators can use the teacher cultural dispositions to inform their pedagogical and instructional practices.
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Balancing Literacies: UDL/CSP-Infused Elementary Reading Instruction
An educational theory based on the work of Gloria Ladson-Billings that works to support students’ achievement, students’ cultural identity, and students’ critical perspectives and practices to challenge inequality in education and the world.
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My Lens My Influence
An approach to education curricula that stresses the importance of including students’ ethnically diverse cultural backgrounds to promote academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.
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Teaching for Diversity Online: A Teacher Educator's Perspective
Pedagogical beliefs, skills, and practices that aim to treat diverse students’ backgrounds and experiences as an asset for learning rather than a liability, in order to ultimately create a more just society.
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