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What is Distortion

Didactic Strategies and Resources for Innovative Geography Teaching
The misrepresentation of a feature on a map. There are no map projections that can maintain a perfect scale throughout the entire projection, because they are taking a spheroid and forcing it onto a flat surface.
Published in Chapter:
A Didactical Approach of Rhumb Line vs. Great Circle in Web Mercator Projection for 6th Grade Pupils
Nikolaos Lambrinos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Ioanna Repanidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), and Georgia Intzidou (Mandoulides Schools, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9598-5.ch008
The chapter presents two studies on the integration of map projections in Greek geography curriculum. Perceptions and misconceptions about world maps of 6th grade elementary school students were investigated and analyzed by qualitative and quantitative methods. Through inquiry-based methods, students learnt about the distortions in distance, shape, and size of areas that are caused by transformation of the spherical Earth into a flat surface. Didactic interventions were carried out where students attained knowledge about 1) world map projections and 2) the overseas flightpaths and the measurements of the distance between two points in the Mercator projection. Through guided research, comparisons, experimentation on digital world maps, and experiential actions, students found that 1) all world maps are wrong and 2) the shortest distance between two points in Mercator projection can be a curved line (great circle) and not a straight line (rhumb line).
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Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
The act of twisting or altering something out of its true state.
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Privacy in Online Social Networks: Threat Analysis and Countermeasures
Intentional modification or manipulation of the content or content display to damage reputation, to perform scam or to avoid censorship.
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