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What is Examination

Handbook of Research on Enhancing Innovation in Higher Education Institutions
Examination is a formal test that student take in order to show their knowledge about the particular subject often done in written or oral form.
Published in Chapter:
Importance of New Class Teaching Methods in Curricula Development in Developing Countries
Igor Todorovic (Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2708-5.ch018
Developments in economy and labor market have always been much quicker than developments in high education and this gap has always played a big challenge to employers, as well as high education institutions. While some countries and high education institutions try to follow ever-changing market needs and use digital technologies to lower this gap and innovate on curricula development, others, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, haven't done much to lower this gap between market needs and high education curricula. This paper analyses importance of modern teaching methods in curricula development in high education institution in the BiH. New teaching methods were introduced to class for one semester, while in other class traditions teaching methods were used. It was found that students in this class have much higher skills and competences, and what is most important they needed less time to understand and gain knowledge about subject. Moreover, students in class where new teaching methods were used had higher grades than students were traditional methods were used.
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More Results
An Analysis of the General Certificate Examination Ordinary Level English Language Paper and Students' Performance
A formal end-of-course judgment that determines a learner’s achievement, performance, or outcome.
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Integration of Digital Primary Sources
PBSI practice that involves the use of primary sources for the purpose of having students develops inferences and explanations about a topic or event. Students generate contextual corroboration in this practice. The outcome if this practice is the deconstruction of the primary sources to discover underlying meanings in order to explain of the topic or event.
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