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What is Hybridity

Handbook of Research on Pedagogies and Cultural Considerations for Young English Language Learners
The idea that learners need a space where they can activate their bilingual identities to freely access all of their language and cultural resources.
Published in Chapter:
Hybrid Language Practices for English Language Learners
Lidia Herrera-Rocha (The University of Texas at El Paso, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3955-1.ch004
English Language Learners (ELLs) form a growing segment of the U.S. population. Macro-level policies have been established to accommodate the needs of minority groups of language learners. Educational institutions have implemented these policies at the micro-level through diverse bilingual education programs. This chapter examines educational approaches that promote social and academic achievement for ELLs and those initiatives that may further marginalize learners. The reasoning behind the practices in each approach is examined through a theoretical and empirical lens to find effective pedagogical practices. As a student and a former educator in a transitional bilingual program in a border city, I will begin with my perspective on a program that focuses on assimilation into the mainstream culture through the dominant language. Best practices for ELLs, as perceived through personal experiences, empirical and theoretical evidence, embrace an educational space where primary and secondary discourses can coexist in a hybrid environment of multivoicedness.
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Instant Messaging (IM) Literacy in the Workplace
The nature of computer-mediated talk, which has elements of both spoken and written language; people who communicate via IM can write much like they would speak in person or on the telephone.
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Big Data – Small World: Materializing Digital Information for Discourse and Cognition
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Meta-Narrative of Immigration: A Study on Migration and the Presentation of Immigration in Fatih Akin's Films
It refers to having more than one culture and language. People with this trait cannot be expressed by the characteristics of a single society.
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Exploring the Personal Drive Behind Small Social-Venture Set-Ups in the Netherlands: Encounters With Local Help and Hindrance
Social entrepreneurs have to follow two contrasting logics simultaneously: the logic of entrepreneurship—earning money by selling products or services, and the logic of solving social problems—adding social value for, and with, others.
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A New Border Pedagogy: Rethinking Outbound Mobility Programs in the Asian Century
Possessing the ability to see things from a position of ambiguity and uncertainty; to be familiar with ‘the margin’, and not simply dwelling on the inner or the outer circles of experience.
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Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio
Unconventional combinations of unlikely elements can be regarded as contradictory and problematic, or novel and original, inducing anxiety or unleashing new possibilities.
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The Transborderization of Neoliberalism: In the Trenches of Cultural and Linguistic Equity for Social and Educational Transformation
The characteristic of a culture or a cultural form produced by the interaction of two (or possible more) separate native cultures or forms.
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Digital Media and New Forms of Journalism
A mixed system including traditional, digital, and new media.
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The Virtual, Alternate Spaces, and the Effects upon Artwork
Hybridity in this context refers to the doubling of two forms or beings to construct another, whilst retaining aspects of those previous individual entities. Within the chapter, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley (2010) is discussed to propose a particular form of hybridity and a suggestive or creative description of hybridisation.
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