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What is Leadership-in-Action

Transformational Leadership Styles, Management Strategies, and Communication for Global Leaders
Refers to the practical application of leadership principles and behaviors in real-world situations. It involves taking specific actions and demonstrating leadership qualities to effectively guide and influence others toward achieving common goals. Leadership-in-action encompasses various aspects and strategies leaders can employ to drive organizational success, inspire their teams, and address societal challenges.
Published in Chapter:
Leadership in Action: An Introspective Reflection
Natasha N. Johnson (Georgia State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8822-5.ch003
This chapter highlights reflective practice as the core element of the ongoing art of introspective leadership. Firstly, while there is no one without the other, what does exist here is a dependent and independent variable. The independent variable, reflective practice, undeniably begins with self. Any person committed to a life of professional development must realize that one's personal development comes first. The introspection and assiduous work required is prodigious, to say the least. A practitioner understands that this work is cyclical in nature. As underlined in this chapter, it is essential to recognize the role of introspection in leadership. This work is a recurrent process; all actions, reactions, and interactions are interconnected, and it is imperative that leaders spend sufficient time analyzing, personalizing, and reinforcing these constructs.
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