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What is Learning Performance

Next-Generation Applications and Implementations of Gamification Systems
Relatively permanent changes in knowledge or behaviour that support retention and transfer (Soderstrom et al., 2015).
Published in Chapter:
Gamified Learning: Favoring Engagement and Learning Outcomes
Cornelia Nih Popescu (Capgemini Engineering T.E.C., France), Elodie Attie (Capgemini Engineering T.E.C., France), and Laëtitia CHADOUTEAU (Capgemini Engineering T.E.C., France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8089-9.ch006
In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning represents a more and more important concern of all education providers and an inevitable direction for the current context in training and education. This chapter follows the theory of gamified learning and the theory of flow to understand to which extent game characteristics improve engagement and learning outcomes, such as performance and engagement. To do this, two groups of learners (N=20) were randomly assigned: the experimental group followed a gamified learning module, and the control group followed the same content without gamification mechanisms. The game mechanisms chosen involve a game, a challenge, virtual rewards, an avatar, a final badge, and a system of points and levels. Results show that the gamified course increased the time spent on the course and the overall performance. Hence, this chapter demonstrates the relevance of using gamification to improve learning outcomes.
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More Results
Improvement of Learning Performances With Increased Guidance in Research-Based Learning
Performance of students in the intended learning outcomes of the program. The thesis grade and the grade point average from course grades are used in the study for measuring learning performances in the bachelor’s thesis and courses respectively.
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Deploying Knowledge Management for Effective Technologies in Higher Education Partnerships
A measure of how well students are learning in terms of knowledge and skills development.
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A Review of Personal Response Systems in Higher Education: Theoretical Model and Future Research Directions
The relatively permanent changes in knowledge or behavior that support retention and transfer of learning.
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