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What is Reading Literacy

Handbook of Research on Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education: Incorporating Advancements
The process whereby readers have had substantial literary experience, read book on a regular basis, enjoy reading, have gained and continue to gain useful knowledge of the world around them, and are thoughtful about what they have read (Warp & Walmsley, 1995, 194)
Published in Chapter:
The “Little Readers’ Circle”: Infectious Love for Reading in a Middle School Classroom
Cecilia Costa (University of Turin, Italy) and Elena Zezlina (University of London, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2122-0.ch026
The “Little Readers’ Circle” was born as an attempt to encourage reading in a class of young adolescents. One of the authors worked in a middle school that served a socially and economically weak area in the North of Italy. The class, in its first year at the school, was composed of 11-to-12-year-olds. Over the course of a school year, one hour a week was spent sharing what had been read at home, presenting books that had been particularly loved, writing quotes on a dedicated poster, reading out favourite passages. Thanks to a well-organised school library and to enthusiastic support staff, all children could access books, some of them reading three books a month. Many even subscribed to the City Library to be able to continue reading over school holidays.
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The Importance of Reading Literacy in Learning Mathematics
Reading literacy has been recognised as a fundamental capacity and human value that brings progress, development, freedom, awareness, equality, and democracy. It allows the individual further and lifelong education, competitiveness in the labour market, and orientation into immediate and wider social environment.
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