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What is Mobility of Learning

ICT-Based Assessment, Methods, and Programs in Tertiary Education
Mobile learning enables learners to use some mobile devices whenever and whenever they want. In this way, the information or the learning process could be carried wherever they go, which is mobility of learning.
Published in Chapter:
Mobile Technologies Course Design: The Use of ICT Skills, Attitudes, and Self-Efficacy in EFL Instructors
Ozlem Zengin (Sabancı University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3062-7.ch012
Mobile learning has the potential to increase the opportunities to make teaching and learning available beyond the traditional classroom. The main aim of this study was to develop a mobile technologies course delivered online and explore the effects of this online course designed on mobile technologies on the use of ICT skills, attitudes, and views of EFL instructors. While employing mixed methodology, explanatory sequential research design was applied. In this study, participants were selected through convenient sampling and the data were collated through a questionnaire used as pre- and post-tests, followed by semi-structured interviews and class observations. The results of this study indicated that the online training course on mobile technologies had a positive impact on the use of ICT skills and EFL teachers' views in general. Further, attending the mobile technologies course delivered online was very beneficial and effective for the instructors in that it helped them to develop their skills on the use of mobile technologies in English language teaching.
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More Results
Design and Evaluation of Mobile Learning from the Perspective of Cognitive Load Management
This term refers to the transformation of learning processes and environments enabled by mobile technologies and applications that deliver learning experiences beyond traditional boundaries of formal and informal education.
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