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What is Recursion

Fostering Pedagogy Through Micro and Adaptive Learning in Higher Education: Trends, Tools, and Applications
A linguistic mechanism consisting in defining something in terms of itself. In mathematics and computer programming, recursion is a valuable tool for definitions and for problem solving.
Published in Chapter:
Approaches and Tools for Experiential Learning of Abstract Concepts: The Case of Algorithms
J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8656-6.ch006
Some students prefer a concrete approach to learning whereas others prefer an abstract one. Algorithms perform transformations of information, thus they have an abstract nature. Consequently, many students have difficulties in their study. We present two computer-supported approaches to experiential learning of algorithms. On the one hand, program visualization automatically generates graphical representations of the behavior of algorithms, making visible the virtual. On the other hand, algorithm benchmarking gathers and compares data of the performance of several algorithms, making visible their properties with respect to given criteria. The chapter includes a brief motivation and introduction to these issues, followed by a treatment of each educational approach. For each approach, we present an introduction to its foundations, relevant features of educational systems intended to support them, and ways of using them in algorithm courses. We also deal with the successful instructional integration of program visualization and algorithm benchmarking systems into algorithm courses.
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Higher Education Institutions as Viable Systems: A Cybernetic Framework for Innovativeness
Hierarchical arrangement of the system which implies that the whole system repeats through its subsystems, i.e. the same principles can be used to organization subsystems, the organization itself, and the supra system, whose organization is a part.
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In Prolog, recursion appears when a predicate contain a goal that refers to itself. When a rule is called Prolog creates a new query with new variables. A recursive definition always has at least two parts: facts that act like a stopping condition, and a rule that calls itself.
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Using Prolog for Developing Real World Artificial Intelligence Applications
The definition of a program in terms of itself. This gives the program the ability to call itself.
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Visualizing Big Data From a Philosophical Perspective
In its simplest sense: repeatability. For example, when the outputs or results of a formula are fed back into the formula as inputs, the outputs will reappear. In the computer world, an overall solution requires the solution of its smaller constituents. One statement can generate any number of objects, meaning a specific program can describe limitless computations. A computer program reflects Recursion by having a function call itself inside a program.
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Transforming Recursion to Iteration in Programming
The definition of a program in terms of itself. This gives the program the ability to call itself.
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