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What is Risk Identification

Global Risk and Contingency Management Research in Times of Crisis
Involves the detection and classification of all known and - as far as is possible - unknown, risks, thus producing the foundation upon which the overall risk management process can be established.
Published in Chapter:
Development and Application of a New Maturity Model for Risk Management in the Automotive Industry
Jose Irizar (University of Gloucestershire, UK) and Martin George Wynn (University of Gloucestershire, UK)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 24
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5279-0.ch003
Risk management is an integral part of the project management process, and project failure is an area of concern in many organizations. This chapter explains and discusses a new maturity model for assessing and managing project risk in the automotive industry. The research design was two-fold. First, a case study analysis in a major German automotive company was undertaken to develop the maturity model. The approach was qualitative and inductive, using data provided by in-depth interviews. Second, this model was applied in two major projects currently underway in the company – one involving implementing a cloud-based ERP system and the other the program management function responsible for product development and launch. The model adds to existing risk management maturity models and is unique to the automotive industry. It can be used by risk and project managers and can be adapted to other industry sectors.
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Technical Risk Management
The phase of a risk management process where identification is made of all possible risks which could potentially impact the result of a program.
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Dynamic Risk Assessment in IT Environments: A Decision Guide
Early identification of risks that can impact on the system’s assets in particular, and on system’s performance in general.
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Assessment of Disruption Risks in Supply Chains
Indication of possible risk events, both internal and external, to supply chains.
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