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What is Role-playing Game

Teacher Training for English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education
Game which is played in a fictional setting and in which players assume the roles of given characters.
Published in Chapter:
Classcraft as a Resource to Implement Gamification in English-Medium Instruction
Irene Rivera-Trigueros (University of Granada, Spain) and Maria del Mar Sánchez-Pérez (University of Almería, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2318-6.ch017
The exponential growth of English-medium instruction (EMI) programs in higher education has driven to the search for new and innovative teaching resources and techniques to facilitate the teaching and learning of disciplinary content matter through a non-native language. During the last years, gamification has emerged as a great tool when it comes to foster students' motivation and, consequently, favour their learning. There are numerous ways of introducing gamification in the classroom and a high number of resources and tools available for teachers to design and implement gamification proposals. One of these tools is Classcraft, an online role-playing platform that allows the teacher to turn the classroom into a real role-playing scenario. This chapter will explore the benefits of including gamification—and more specifically Classcraft—for EMI in higher education. Exhaustive guidelines are described in order to serve as a base for EMI lecturers to implement gamification in their courses.
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Learning to Understand Historical Context: Role-Playing Game “The Nuremberg Prosecutors”
An entertaining dynamic in which participants play the role of real or fictitious characters. They interpret models of behaviour that are not their own and acquire first-hand experience of different situations and lessons.
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Learning Reflection and Creativity in Online Game Communities
An activity in which each participant creates, is represented by, and chooses actions for a character in a fictional narrative, the results of which are determined according to rules, and in which much of the focus is on interaction among player-characters.
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Narrative Development and Instructional Design
A game where the player takes on the role of a character.
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Data Gathering to Build and Validate Small-Scale Social Models for Simulation
Role-playing games are games that are organized around a scenario where each player takes a role that partly defines its abilities and motivation, and where a story is commonly built from the original script. When the aim is just recreational, the master of the game usually makes up in his mind an environmental accident to stimulate the imagination of players. When the role-playing game is used to sustain discussions in a group, events are either: logically deduced from the definition of the environment dynamics, or from scenarios that are proposed by players or have been observed in the represented setting.
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On Choosing Games and What Counts as a
A game usually played from the first-person perspective where the player pretends to be one of the characters in an unfolding story. Roles may be assigned with little flexibility, for example playing James Bond in Goldeneye 007, or with a great deal of player input, such as in World of Warcraft where players may choose the gender, race, and profession of their characters as well as many other variables.
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Bul Game: Playing With Knights and Knaves
A game where players take on a role that they must adhere to, often independent from their own opinions.
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