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What is Silence

Global Perspectives on Maintaining Gender, Age, and Religious Diversity in the Workplace
It takes place when employees have helpful or valuable information about their organization but with conviction remain quiet.
Published in Chapter:
Voice, Silence, and Diversity: A Case of Transnational Academics
Diana Rajendran (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) and Anne Bardoel (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5151-9.ch003
Since the 1990s, the scale and speed of cross-border academic mobility has notably increased. Universities around the world are recruiting across national boundaries and increasingly employ a diverse and transnational academic workforce. Ferdman argues that working toward inclusion in diverse organizations (such as universities) can present many challenges and tensions and is complex and multifaceted, because of issues concerning safety, voice, authenticity, equity, and equality for people across multiple identity groups. This chapter draws on 17 semi-structured interviews with transnational academics from 11 countries employed by eight different universities across Australia to explore the workplace experiences of diversity and inclusion in terms of their voice and/or silence. The findings indicate that although the respondents believe in having constructive forms of voice in their workplace, they often reported that they were reluctant to speak up.
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Beyond the Photograph: The Phenomenon of Confabulation in Family Photographs – Counter-Memory and Narrative From the Silenced Shadow Archives
In a new approach to history, Dessingué and Winter (2015) regard silence as the third dimension of memory that dilutes the two humanly impossible absolutes of remembrance and forgetting. It is an injection of subjectivity and humanity that can disturb collective memory frameworks, which in response doesn’t allow it to assimilate to discourse, creating shadow archives. Therefore, it is not equal to a passive act of forgetting, but an active engagement to keep silent the often painful and traumatic past. Silence, is not void or a gap, it takes presence.
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The Moment I Realized I Had to Give Back by Teaching
Enduring an attack, abuse, or a trauma internally by keeping it to yourself and simply trying to bury it.
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