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What is Society 5.0

Emerging Challenges, Solutions, and Best Practices for Digital Enterprise Transformation
Society 5.0 refers to the social level that caring for well-being of the human and that the needs and expectations of all segments of society will be met with help of the technological opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.
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Digital Management Towards Society 5.0: A Review of the Framework for Kurt Lewin Theory During COVID-19 Pandemic
Bulent Akkaya (Manisa Celal Bayar University, Turkey), Ayse Gunsel (Kocaeli University, Turkey), and Ibrahim Yikilmaz (Kocaeli University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8587-0.ch007
Society 5.0, human-centered social understanding, is defined as the period in which the technological opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 will serve the welfare of people. However, Society 5.0 faces many factors in terms of resistance to social change. Both the commitment of individuals and organizations to the current social life practice and uncertainty slows down the path to Society 5.0. With the COVID-19 pandemic-related digital solutions and applications on a world scale, life practices have radically changed. At this point, the process towards Society 5.0 has accelerated and the first stage of Kurt Lewin's three-steps change model has started, “unfreeze.” Decision makers and managers need to initiate change, particularly in education and other fields, and contribute to social transformation by “refreezing” new practices and methods that will serve human well-being and Society 5.0. In this context, this process was discussed, and recommendations were made in the scope of the study.
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Moving Towards Internet of Behaviors: Transforming Business Models With Blockchain
A societal framework that merges digital technology and data-driven solutions to enhance the well-being and quality of life for society.
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Industry 5.0, Digital Society, and Consumer 5.0
Society 5.0 is a human-centric society supported by digital transformations and aims to balance economic benefits with social welfare by integrating physical space and cyberspace.
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New Business Models for Society 5.0
Society 5.0 refers to an ultra-intelligent society proposed by the Japanese government. Society 5.0 is based on a high convergence of cyber and physical space, reaching beyond human limitations and using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to analyze and improve environments, personal health, and industry achievement.
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Manufacturing Education for Society 5.0: Reframing Engineering and Design
Sustainable society to support human well-being and security through the use of socially conscious, ethical cyber-physical systems.
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Redefining the Meaning of Learning
A human-centered society characterized by cyber-physical-social dynamics that seeks to implement a continuous improvement process for an increased quality of life.
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Towards a Smart Cultural Heritage in a Post-Pandemic Era: Enhancing Resilience Through the Implementation of Digital Technologies in Italian Heritage
Anthropocentric society that strongly integrates cyberspace and physical space to balance economic and technological progress with the resolution of human social problems by promoting the idea of a Smart Society based on the use of ICTs, in line with the future sustainable strategies developed in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
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Technologies for Connected Government Implementation: Success Factors and Best Practices
Society 5.0 has emerged with the expansion of the vision of Industry 4.0 from the optimization of production processes to solving social problems in order to establish a thorough collaboration among technology, artificial intelligence and human beings.
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Critical Success Factors for Higher Education Turnaround From a Sustainable Ecosystem Perspective
It can be defined as a contemporary society in which technology is affecting every facet of life in a quest to find the best solutions for human lives across the globe. It is a fact that technology is advancing at an alarming rate.
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