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What is Socio-Cultural Theory

Black Female Leaders in Academia: Eliminating the Glass Ceiling With Efficacy, Exuberance, and Excellence
Refers to theoretical perspectives that consider race, gender, and social class in analyzing power dynamics within bureaucratic and other systems where power can be used to oppress.
Published in Chapter:
Nobody Knows the Troubles That I See: Perceptions of African American Women Professors Regarding Their Lived Experiences in the Academy
Dianne Reed (University of St. Thomas, USA), Charlotte Fontenot (Walden University, USA), Bernnell Peltier-Glaze (Texas Southern University, USA), Mack T. Hines (Fairfield University, USA), Carol Hightower Parker (Texas Southern University, USA), and Kathryn Washington (Lamar University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9774-3.ch007
The purpose of this research study was to describe the lived experiences of seven African American women professors as they navigated the path to leadership positions in higher education. In this chapter, the authors described the lived experiences of seven African American women professors in the academy. Specifically, the African American women professors described in their own words supports and barriers they faced as they navigated their paths toward tenure, promotion, and leadership positions in the academy. A phenomenological research design was employed to capture the essence of the participants' stories and to fully understand their common experiences. The findings indicate that African American women professors experience the same microaggressions that they experienced more than 50 years ago.
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Becoming a Successful Pre-Service English as a Foreign Language Lecturer in the Digital Divide
This theory asserts that human mental functioning is organized by cultural concepts, activities and artifacts which is mainly a mediated process and individuals are conceived as utilizing their own cultural artifacts and forming new ones to regulate their behavioral and biological activities. Learning results from the dynamic interaction among individuals and cultural artifacts contributing the social formation of the mind and realization of social goals
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Mentor-Assisted, Reflective, Collaborative Teacher Professional Development
It is a theory based on which learning takes place when one is socially present and build on the prior knowledge.
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