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What is Student Teacher

Preparing Faculty for Technology Dependency in the Post-COVID-19 Era
A university student enrolled in a teacher preparation program; also called a “teacher candidate” in the literature. Student teachers are typically assigned full-time to one K-12 school placement (or two, in sequence) for a full semester or academic year.
Published in Chapter:
Remote University Supervision of Student Teachers: Lessons and Recommendations
Christian P. Wilkens (SUNY Brockport, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9235-9.ch002
This chapter outlines the shift of a U.S.-based university teacher preparation program from in-person supervision of student teachers to fully remote supervision during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Strengths identified in the shift to remote supervision include elimination of travel to school sites, modest cost savings, improved frequency and scope of feedback provided by university supervisors, increased flexibility in timing and nature of observations, and the use of recorded videos for reflection. Challenges identified include the need for ongoing professional development among all parties, missing school and classroom context, and weaker relationships between university supervisors and K-12 mentor teachers. The chapter makes recommendations for university teacher education programs considering a shift to remote supervision of student teachers, including provision of professional development, implementation of video coaching cycles, and explicit planning for relationship development with K-12 school partners.
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Designing and Implementing Clinical and Field Experiences
A college student who is working under the guidance of a certified teacher in an approved setting. A student teacher, while serving a non-salaried internship under the supervision of a certified teacher, shall be accorded the same protection under the law as that accorded the certified teacher. The student teacher should not be assigned in any situation where he/she is to be a replacement for a qualified teacher.
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Teaching With Case Studies in Higher Education
Teacher training programs at universities generally allow potential teacher candidates to practice in various classroom settings under close supervision of a veteran teacher. These students are called student teachers.
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