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What is Syllabus

Challenges and Opportunities in Global Approaches to Education
Document which gives information about a course outline.
Published in Chapter:
Gamified Curriculum and Open-Structured Syllabus in Second-Language Teaching
Alexia Larchen Costuchen (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9775-9.ch003
This chapter provides an example of a secondary-education curriculum tailored to increase 21st century students´ motivation in second-language study by integrating digital learning into the classroom. The proposed syllabus is competency-based, open-structured, and promotes active learning within the constructivist paradigm. The research focus of this chapter suggests raising discussion on the practical benefits this type of curriculum design has on learning. The accompanying challenges that institutions face will also be addressed. The legal framework was based on public-school policy, the autonomous regulations in the Valencian Community, Spanish National Legislation, and the International Guidelines of the Council of Europe. The syllabus content is supported by such programs as Quizlet and Anki App for vocabulary acquisition; Kahoot, Socrative, and Jeopardy App for reading comprehension and grammar work; and Augment and HP Reveal for visuospatial stimulus via augmented reality. Web-based platforms such as Adobe Spark, Explain Everything, Nearpod, Padlet, and Canva, among others, were applied for digital story-making, videocast, interactive presentations, discussion boards, graphic-novel writing activities, etc. It should be noted that this design is just one of various options, that the current educational system in Spain is expecting curricular changes and that digital technology and internet-based resources need to be constantly checked for updates.
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More Results
Model for Identifying Competencies and Learning Outcomes (MICRA)
A document approved by the Technical/Scientific and Pedagogical Boards of the higher education schools.
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Designing the Curriculum and Developing a Course
A contract and communication tool between the teacher, the student, and the parent.
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Task-Based Language Teaching
A list of the subjects which are taught during a period.
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Applying UDL and Second Language Writing Pedagogies to the Instruction of Academic Writing: Educating Today's Diverse Student Population
Is like a contract that provides student learning objectives, a time schedule of readings and assignments, key academic information, and specific policies such as how to avoid plagiarism.
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Effectiveness of TILT Across Online Learning Platforms
It is a descriptive outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course. It includes assignment, exams, projects, grading policies and class rules.
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Comparative Study of Artificial Intelligence-Based Teaching With Human Interactive Teaching
A syllabus is a contract between a faculty department and its students. It outlines the duration of the course, which will be covered through the period, informing students of what they expect and what they need.
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Untangling Literacies: Accessible Digital Slides and Syllabi in the Graduate Classroom
A document or electronic artifact delivered by university instructors to students as an abridged overview of course information and the policies that constrain student participation.
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Online Learner Expectations
A detailed description of the topics, objectives, content, and assessment tasks for a course.
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