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What is Teacher Reflection

Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition
Thinking about professional work and self-evaluation done by an individual preparing for a teaching career or an educator.
Published in Chapter:
Electronic Portfolios
Katherine C. Wieseman (Western State College of Colorado, USA)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-198-8.ch122
A view in teacher preparation increasingly reported in the literature is that electronic portfolios can present an educator’s achievement, competence, and/or professional growth, and serve as a tool promoting teacher reflection (Amber & Czech, 2002; Barrett, 2003; Geier, 2002; Milman, 1999; Mullen, 2002; Walker, 2000; Wright, Stallworth & Ray, 2002). As a result, more frequently are they being used as an assessment or evaluation tool to document and measure teacher quality in areas such as technological literacy, competence according to teaching standards, and/or eligibility for initial teacher licensure or credential (Bartlett, 2002; Borko, Michalec, Timmons, & Siddle, 1997; Lehman, O’Brien, & Seybold, 2002; Perry, Smith, Woods, McConney, 1998; Ring & Foti, 2003; Wieseman & Wenzlaff, 2004). Reasons cited in the literature for its increasing popularity in the field of teacher preparation (e.g., Bartlett, 2002; Geier, 2002; Mullen, 2002) include: a belief that learning to teach is a dynamic and learner-centered process; a belief that knowledge is socially constructed, situated, and dynamic; growing interest in performance-based assessment to show teacher quality; a need for concrete demonstrations of teaching qualifications to compete for teaching positions; accountability for teacher quality; and teacher education initiatives, including competition for U.S. Department of Education Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers for Technology (PT3) grants.
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Integrating Language Skills, Practices, and Content in Equitable TESOL Lesson Planning
Teachers think about student learning and their practices to support target objectives and goals. This reflection can include a critical interrogation of who was and who was not served by the learning experiences and strategies across student demographic subgroups and ways to further adapt one’s lesson planning and instruction to address all students’ learning needs more equitably.
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Effective Training of the Teachers in Teaching of Mathematics: A Reflective Professional Development Model for Teachers-as-Designers
For teachers, reflection is the process of thinking about their planning, implementation, and evaluation of teaching.
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Using Guided Video Analysis to Enhance Preservice Teacher Reflective Practice in a Graduate Social Studies Methods Course
Is important because it's a process that helps teachers to collect, record, and analyze everything that happened in the lesson.
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Examining the Perceptions, Beliefs, and Practices of Teacher Candidates Who Work With Diverse Learners
The ability of educators to self-assess and critically evaluate their practice.
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