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What is Technology-Enhanced Learning

Handbook of Research on Integrating ICTs in STEAM Education
Educational settings where technology serves, facilitates, and supports learning processes.
Published in Chapter:
Supporting Education in Marginalized Communities With Workshops Combining Music and Mathematics
Eric Roldan Roa (Univerisity of Tartu, Estonia), Erika Roldan-Roa (Technische Universität Münche, Germany & EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland), and Doris Kristina Raave (University of Tartu, Estonia)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 24
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3861-9.ch015
In this chapter, the authors present the experience of a series of workshops given in a marginalized community in Mexico during the COVID pandemic as a mean to mitigate the educational gap lockdowns provoked. The whole intervention consisted of 12 workshop sessions plus a closing activity. The workshops aimed to jointly promote learners' conceptual and procedural knowledge of basic mathematics and develop musical rhythmic awareness and sensitivity in a collaborative problem-solving manner. Seventy children, ranging from 8 to 12 years old, participated in the workshops facilitated by an educational game, namely Musical Monkeys, consisting of a board game and an app. Using an initial evaluation, the authors mapped students' profiles in terms of background knowledge (procedural and conceptual) to form balanced playing teams, including low and high achievers, and to adjust the workshops according to students' needs and levels. The setting, challenges encountered during the intervention, and future research directions are discussed.
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More Results
Role of MOOCs for Technology and Business Education: Opportunities and Challenges in the Indian Context
These are learning programs using technology to maximise the student learning experience and these technologies are designed explicitly for learning and teaching.
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The Interplay Between In-Game Activity, Learning Gains, and Enjoyment in a Serious Game on STEM
This term refers specifically to improve learning with the use of technology, and therefore it needs to justify how the technology has improved the previous learning setup.
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The Uptake and Use of Digital Technologies and Professional Development: Exploring the University Teacher Perspective
Refers to learning that is improved through the use of digital technologies or digital tools, resulting in added value in learning.
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MusicWorks: Supporting Students' Musical Career Paths Through Technology-Enhanced Authentic Learning
In this context, it refers to the use of audio and visual recordings in the form of podcasts, combined with the use of various online environments to support the learning process.
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An Urgency for Change in Roles: A Cross Analysis of Digital Teaching and Learning Environments From Students and Faculty Perspective
Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) describes the application of technology to teaching and learning process which causes transformation and enrichment of learning environments.
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First-Year Students' Experience With Virtual Learning Environment
This is the use of technology to support teaching and learning, as referred to as e-learning.
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Using an Adapted Continuous Practice Improvement Model to Support the Professional Development of Teachers in a Collaborative Online Environment
The process of utilising any combination of information and communications technologies to support and ideally improve the quality of learning.
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Studying Thracian Civilization Through Serious Games and Storytelling
Application of electronic communication and computer-based technology in education.
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