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What is Tension

Visual Approaches to Instructional Design, Development, and Deployment
Emotional strain.
Published in Chapter:
Creating and Advancing Storylines for Learning With Visuals
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3946-0.ch003
A common vehicle used for teaching and learning involves storytelling in a number of forms: story problems, riddles, challenges, historical incidents, biographical incidents, anecdotes, cases, scenarios, and others. Stories are told in e-books, videos, serious learning games, immersive virtual worlds, and other contexts. Visuals are important to advance storylines in terms of defining narrative structures and trajectories, characters, locales, and dramatic moments; they are important for the design of looks and feels. This chapter explores effective storytelling strategies, the critical storytelling elements, and effective learning designs for co-written, elicited, and co-performed stories.
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Educational Leadership as a Process in Today's Changing Society
Cognitively and/or socially constructed polarities that obscure the interrelatedness of the contradictions.
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ANN Application in the Field of Structural Concrete
Stress generated by stretching.
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The Role of Flexible Working Arrangements in Reducing Technostress and Job Tension That Negatively Affect Service Innovation Behavior
It is the reaction of the organism to the stimuli that occur at a certain moment, which disrupts the mental balance of the person.
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