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What is Video Conferencing

Handbook of Research on Lessons Learned From Transitioning to Virtual Classrooms During a Pandemic
A technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location together. This technology is particularly convenient for educators since changes imposed by Covid-19 pandemic.
Published in Chapter:
COVID-19 and the Impact on the UK's HEI Students From an Imposed Virtual Learning Environment
Muzammal Ahmad Khan (University of the West of Scotland, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6557-5.ch013
The COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed an unprecedented disruption in global education. The sudden imposition of a lockdown led to rapid changes being made to learning, teaching, and assessment (LTA) approaches used by universities and other educational institutions, and added stress and anxiety to many students and academics. This chapter uses the findings from an online questionnaire to assess the impact of these changes on students at UK universities. It considers both their quantitative and qualitative responses to identify the key issues they faced and, in examining their experiences, allowing recommendations to be made to universities on how they can improve the support for their students. These recommendations are developed from those which the student participants themselves suggest.
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Audio vs. Video Conferencing for Language Learning: Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job
A conference between two or more participants by using computer networks to transmit live audio, video, text, and image data.
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Content Acquisition Podcasts: Evidence-Based Presentations for Online Literacy Instruction
Used during the study via Zoom web-hosted face-to-face sessions with screen sharing to coach individual course participants as they learned to develop CAPs for their students with disabilities.
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Reference Services in Digital Environment
This form of digital reference is where librarians and users are able to see each other in the monitor through a camera.
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Using ICT to Establish and Facilitate Global Connections in K-12 Education
A conference facilitated with the use of telecommunication technologies for parties in different physical locations.
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Designing the Virtual Classroom for Management Teaching
Video Conferencing Technology provides means for audio and visual communication over telephone lines (ISDN-based) or Internet technology (IP-based). Nowadays, video-conferencing technology is already available at the desktop, provided by Instant Messaging Tools such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live TM Messenger.
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Diversity and Equity in Japanese Education: A Literary Review and Pilot Survey Study in Tertiary English Language Classrooms
It enables people in different places to have face-to-face communication using computer software such as Zoom and Skype .
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Potentials of Selected Information and Communication Technologies in Adult Education Programmes in Nigeria
A system of teaching-learning involving electronic devices on which the participants can be visualized
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Making the Most Out of Video Conference Learning: Experiences and Lessons From a University in Zimbabwe
A computer-aided communication mode where two or more people in separate locations exchange views whilst seeing each other.
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