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What is Widening Participation

Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education
Increased participation for including the students with special needs.
Published in Chapter:
Identifying the Barriers and Enablers for Supporting Learners with Special Needs in Higher Education
Peter Nicholl (University of Ulster, UK), Deryn Graham (University of Greenwich, UK), Jennifer Redpath (University of Ulster, UK), Patricia Kearney (University of Ulster, UK), Jonathan Wallace (University of Ulster, UK), Maurice Mulvenna (University of Ulster, UK), Suzanne Martin (University of Ulster, UK), and Ian Benest (University of York, UK)
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4458-8.ch024
This chapter provides a systematic analysis of thirteen in-depth interviews of disabled students from both universities in Northern Ireland. Undertaken as part of the Uni4U initiative hosted within the University of Ulster, the findings presented describe barriers experienced by students with disabilities to participation in higher education across both universities. The students provided comments concerning their current support provisions, barriers they have experienced, and suggestions for improvements to the service. Examination of the findings leads to three recommendations: firstly, that a network of communication should exist that encourages dialogue between all parties with an interest in the well-being of the student, with the student at the heart of these discussions and involved in all decisions; secondly, that attention must be paid to staff development especially with regard to Mental Health Issues; and finally, that in the long term the aim of institutions should be to move away from individual “reasonable adjustments” to inclusive education for all.
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K. Patricia Cross's Chain-of-Response (COR) Model for Widening Participation at Higher Levels of Lifelong Learning in a World of Massification: Past, Present, and Future
Has become a movement throughout Europe to describe attempts to be more inclusive to diverse, underrepresented populations largely left out of higher education. The term began emanating from the European Union countries and means something different to each educational institution or country’s government at the state, local, or federal level.
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University Diversity Challenge: BAME Students and Small Specialist Institutions
A programme of intervention aimed at raising awareness and aspirations around higher education for those with potential to succeed but who come from non-traditional backgrounds.
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From Graduate to Employee: The Birth of the Fully Fledged Lecturer – A Case Study of the Teaching Fellows Programme
A longstanding government priority which recognises inequalities in education and supports education initiatives to improve access, particularly in higher education.
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