AcademicPub and IGI Global Offer Affordable Solutions to Students and Professors

By IGI Global on Mar 14, 2012
Few people will be surprised to hear that textbooks these days are expensive. According to a recent article from U.S. News & World Report's University Directory, "According to CollegeBoard, the average bachelor's degree seeker at a public college spent approximately $1,137 on books and other supplies during the 2010-2011 academic year." The high costs have proven to be burdensome to students who are already saddled in debt paying for tuition, room, and board while most can only work a limited number of hours at part-time jobs as they focus on their studies.

Many students have taken their frustrations to the Internet and signed the Textbook Rebellion online petition, according to the same article. This petition sets forth specific standards for reasonable textbook costs.

In finding the solution to this clear and evident problem, professors and colleges have gotten creative. Why should professors be forced to use an entire book if they don't think their students need to read the full text? Why should students pay for that? Why shouldn't professors be able to create the perfect textbook for their class by selecting individual chapters and sections from different books, adding in their own notes, assignments, syllabus, and more, and leaving behind the material they don't need? AcademicPub offers this creative solution through custom coursepacks.

IGI Global, an information science and technology publisher, is proud to announce their new agreement with AcademicPub! Offering an alternative to the traditional publishers of expensive textbooks, IGI Global publishes one of the world's leading collections of teaching case studies, housing a collection of 950+ teaching cases covering specialized topics in a multitude of disciplines relating to the utilization and management of information technology as applied to business, education, healthcare, medicine, engineering, public administration, and social science. All of these teaching cases are now available through AcademicPub for use in your custom coursepack.

AcademicPub makes custom coursepack creation simple by leading you through the process and allowing your students to buy your creation at an affordable price in their preferred choice of a printed book or an e-book. E-books are available for a variety of e-readers including the iPad, Sony e-reader, and Android-based devices. You can learn more about AcademicPub by visiting their Web site.

You can learn more about IGI Global's diverse teaching case collection on IGI Global's Web site. Use the recently updated and improved teaching case search to find the perfect case for your course, and request a free examination copy today!

IGI Global Teaching Cases Student PricingIGI Global teaching cases are also available through XanEdu Publishing, Inc. XanEdu provides professors with the opportunity to create the perfect custom course material for their class while keeping costs low and options high for students, including print course packs or e-book course packs compatible with the iPad or e-readers. Visit XanEdu's Web site today to learn more.

Teaching case studies have the power to open the minds of today's students as they become the leaders of tomorrow. They allow students to work through and learn from real world examples, and this undoubtedly makes an excellent addition to any classroom. Check out IGI Global teaching cases today to bring the power of knowledge to your students, and make your selections through AcademicPub or XanEdu to offer affordable solutions to your students.

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