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Create an ORCID ID to Increase the Discoverability of Your Work

By IGI Global on Jun 3, 2019
Focused on providing our researchers with the latest author services, IGI Global has fully integrated with ORCID, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing information globally through enabling a transparent and trustworthy connection between researchers, their contributions, and affiliations.

Through this integration, authors, editors, reviewers, and contributors are able to authenticate their work and connect with other researchers to increase their scholarly collaborations/contributions through their own trusted and unique ORCID iD.

Benefits of Having an ORCID iD:

  • Distinguishes your accomplishments and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you.

  • Reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations.

  • Reduces form-filling--allowing to you enter your information once and reuse it across multiple systems.

  • Improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs.

  • Is interoperable as it works with many institutions, funders, and publishers, as well as persistent ensuring that your profile endures.

If you create and/or connect your ORCID iD with your IGI Global contributions, it will enable us to link information about your research activities stored in our eEditorial Discovery® manuscript management system to your profile, and allow us to share your affiliation with IGI Global to your ORCID record making it more trustworthy and showcasing that you are a valuable contributor.

To sign up and/or link your ORCID iD, please visit IGI Global’s “Register or Connect Your ORCID iD” webpage.
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