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Do We Need Criminal Justice Reform in the United States?

By IGI Global on Dec 14, 2022
webinar The Department of Justice announced that it would award almost $57 million to support criminal justice reform and advance racial equity in the criminal justice system. This initiative reflects the relevant departments pay attention to criminal justice reform.
According to Prof. Michael Pittaro (American Military University, USA), in order to rebuild the trust between law enforcement and the communities they are supposed to protect starts by collaborating with educators, criminal justice practitioners, and elected officials. The ways to improve and advance the criminal justice system are though addressing the glaring weaknesses within the system and discussing potential reforms. The reforms explored in the book Global Perspectives on Reforming the Criminal Justice System (ISBN: 9781799868842) published by IGI Global, include decreasing the prison population and improving police/community relations.
Global Perspectives on Reforming the Criminal Justice System
Profs. Michael Pittaro (American Military University, USA)
©2021| 380 pgs. | ISBN13: 9781799868842
  • Covers Topics such as Accountability, Body Cameras, Police Misconduct, & Community-Oriented Policing
  • Suitable for Law Enforcement Officers, Policymakers, Government Officials, Court Officials, Researchers & More
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In the Topeka Capital Journal article, an officer of the Topeka police is refusing to release their bodycam footage of a fatal shooting from June. Due to the lack of cooperation, "The credibility of the entire local law enforcement apparatus is at stake until it releases the video,” said attorney Max Kautsch. In more recent news, President Biden pushes for governors to follow suit with his decriminalization of marijuana. As the pardon for those who have been charged with possession of marijuana might be helpful for getting over the obstacle that is finding a job within their communities as a former convict. Both instances show how the book looks at law enforcement and the impact their actions have on the communities they serve.
"My inspiration behind my research was to address the many glaring weaknesses within the criminal justice system from a global perspective by providing the newest research from a wide array of highly respected criminal justice scholars across the globe. As a criminal justice researcher with more than three decades of experience as a practitioner, educator, and researcher, I can assure you that this book is an invaluable resource for practitioners, students, educators, and policymakers from the fields of criminal justice, criminology, sociology, psychology, addictions, mental health, social work, public policy, and public administration." —Michael Pittaro, American Military University, USA
Chapter 4 of Global Perspectives on Reforming the Criminal Justice System, "Policing Strategies and Approaches to Improving Community Relations" provides strategies from a developing community and policing playbook by Prof. Christopher L. Bush (Allen County Community College, USA) to law enforcement to build relationships through being intentional with the black communities. Prof. Bush addresses healthy strategies “plays” drafted from the urge of community’s request along from the underpinnings of two combined theories to create his conceptual framework for communication to strengthen communities and police. The chapter gives law enforcement the necessary tools to be team players addressing trust, transparency, and legitimacy.
See below an excerpt from Prof. Christopher L. Bush's Chapter:
"Community policing goes beyond developing relationships with Blacks in their communities but ensures that law enforcement is improving public safety in areas where crimes may be high (Cooley et. al, 2019). Cooley et al (2019) stated that officers building relationships cannot just be the only focus, but officers maintain their skills to solving crimes. Two or more things can be done at once where all individuals engaged are benefiting where officers are addressing crime related issues and building relationships."

About the Editor
Dr. Michael PittaroDr. Michael Pittaro is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice with American Military University and an adjunct professor with several colleges / universities. Before pursuing a career in higher education, Dr. Pittaro worked in corrections administration; served as the executive director of an outpatient drug and alcohol facility; and as executive director of a crime prevention agency. He has 32 years of experience and education in criminal justice and continues to serve internationally as a sought-out author, presenter, and subject matter expert.
Dr. Pittaro holds a PhD in criminal justice; an MPA in public administration, and a BS in criminal justice. Among his nearly 150 publications, including three book publications, he is the author of the 2021 book, Pursuing and Navigating a Career in Criminal Justice and is currently writing, “An Introduction to Corrections.” His areas of expertise are in corrections, namely correctional leadership, and in providing education and awareness of suicide among criminal justice professionals. He is a QPR certified suicide prevention facilitator and has a master’s certification in emotional intelligence.
He resides in Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania with his wife and their 5 children.
About the Contributing Author
Dr. Christopher L. BushDr. Christopher L. Bush, PhD, is the founder of Crossing Over Consulting Services, an anger management consulting service that helps individuals manage their anger behavior through coaching. Before devoting his time working part-time with youth and adults with their anger, Dr. Christopher L. Bush self-published his first book, Crossing Over From your Personal Barriers. A self-help book that provides inspiration and motivation to individuals who are struggling with life choices and decisions. In addition, to the publication of his book, Dr. Christopher L. Bush has spoken at venues providing motivational speaking to audiences that included, ex-offenders, to homeless individuals, youth and young adults. Since completing his dissertation spring 2020, Dr. Christopher L. Bush has a published article (fall 2020) in the Journal of Social Change.In addition, upon completing his doctorate Dr. Bush has extended his dissertation to developing a community policing play book, STR “I”VE (pronounced, I STRIVE), for Law Enforcement and the community to strengthen relationships. Dr. Christopher L. Bush is an adjunct professor at Allen County Community College providing instruction in Criminal Justice course work (Introduction to Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Operations and Procedures and Criminal Investigations). In addition to being an adjunct professor, Dr. Christopher L. Bush full time work is in prevention science with the state of Kansas, where he over sees grants and contracts ensuring the work around prevention substance abuse and behavior health is a message shared across KS. His work efforts have awarded him with two high recognizable state achievements, the distinguish award for A notable event/achievement that is significant in scope, effort, or impact on government operations or service to citizens. Dr. Christopher L. Bush, also have been recognized for a meritorious award for execution of duties far beyond the service level commonly expected by the employees’ customers that is of great benefit to, or reflects highly on, the agency or the state. Dr. Christopher L. Bush is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., and Polemarch of the local chapter in Topeka, KS. In addition, he serves as the Undergraduate Chapter advisor for Kansas State University and Washburn University members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He also serves as a member of the National Honor Society Leadership/ Criminal Justice and Walden University- Sigma Alpha Pi/Alpha Phi Sigma and a Member of the 2011 Greater Topeka Leadership. Dr. Christopher Bush resides in Topeka, KS with his wife and two sons.

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