Advances in E-Collaboration (AECOB): 3 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Ned Kock (Texas A&M International University, USA)
ISSN: 1935-2883|EISSN: 1935-2891
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The Advances in E-Collaboration (AECOB) Book Series publishes books that address the design and implementation of e-collaboration technologies, assess the behavioral impacts of e-collaboration technologies on individuals and groups, and present theoretical considerations on links between the use of e-collaboration technologies and behavioral patterns. Examples of such technologies are web-based chat tools, web-based asynchronous conferencing tools, e-mail, listservs, collaborative writing tools, group decision support systems, teleconferencing suites, workflow automation systems, and document management technologies.

Considering the aforementioned areas of focus, the Advances in E-Collaboration (AECOB) Book Series seeks to fulfill the need for a platform to address the emerging principles of e-collaboration technologies. This book series aspires to supply researchers, practitioners and academicians, a high-quality and prestigious channel of publication for these areas of immediate social implication. The ongoing efforts of the series to bridge the gaps of existing literature within e-collaboration and its surrounding disciplines will foster further growth and influence the knowledge society in whole.

Topics Covered

  • Analysis of different research methods and their impact on the study of e-collaboration technologies in organizations
  • Collaborative writing tools
  • Comprehensive reviews of previous studies on e-collaboration technologies in organizations
  • Design and evaluation of asynchronous learning networks (ALNs) in organizational setting
  • Design and evaluation of intelligent e-collaboration technologies in organizational settings
  • Design, implementation, and assessment of e-business solutions that include e-collaboration features
  • E-collaboration technologies impact on individuals and society
  • E-collaboration technologies impact on knowledge management and organizational learning
  • E-Collaboration Technologies Support for the Creation of Virtual Teams and Virtual Organizations
  • E-collaboration technologies support for distributed process reengineering and process improvement
  • E-collaboration technologies support for quality certification programs
  • E-mail
  • Listservs
  • Organizational and national culture as moderating factors in the adoption and use of e-collaboration technologies in organizations
  • Web-based asynchronous conferencing tools
  • Web-based chat tools

Titles in Series

Virtual Team Leadership and Collaborative Engineering Advancements: Contemporary Issues and Implications
Ned Kock (Texas A&M International University, USA)
Copyright © 2009. 396 pages.
Virtual team leadership and collaborative engineering bring teams, product engineering, and processes into the 21st century through the use of e-collaboration techno...
Emerging e-Collaboration Concepts and Applications
Ned Kock (Texas A&M International University, USA)
Copyright © 2007. 330 pages.
The range of topics covered in Emerging E-Collaboration Concepts and Applications are broad and representative of the state-of-the-art discussion of conceptual and a...
Business Process Improvement Through E-Collaboration: Knowledge Sharing Through the Use of Virtual Groups
Ned Kock (Texas A&M International University, USA)
Copyright © 2005. 283 pages.
Business Process Improvement Through E-Collaboration: Knowledge Sharing Through the Use of Virtual Groups is written around two main theses. The first is that busine...


The Advances in E-Collaboration (AECOB) Book Series aims to publish books that address the design and implementation of e-collaboration technologies. Through the enhancement of research in the field of managing distributed projects, this series endeavors to accelerate the fostering of new methodologies and applications in all relating subject areas of e-collaboration.

Editor(s) Biography

Ned Kock is a professor of Information Systems and the Director of the Collaborative for International Technology Studies, in the Sanchez School of Business, at Texas A&M International University. He holds degrees in electronics engineering (B.E.E.), computer science (M.S.), and management information systems (Ph.D.). Ned has authored and edited several books, including the bestselling Systems Analysis and Design Fundamentals: A Business Process Redesign Approach. Ned has published his research in a number of high-impact journals including Communications of the ACM, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, IEEE Transactions (various), Information & Management, Information Systems Journal, Journal of the AIS, MIS Quarterly, and Organization Science. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of e-Collaboration, Associate Editor of the Journal of Systems and Information Technology, and Associate Editor for Information Systems of the journal IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. His research interests include e-collaboration, human evolution, action research, ethical and legal issues in technology research and management, and business process improvement.

Editorial Advisory Board

Advances in E-Collaboration (AECOB) Book Series Editor-in-Chief: Ned Kock, Texas A&M International University, USA Associate Editors: Gert-Jan de Vreede, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA Jerry Fjermestad, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Jatinder Gupta, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA Surinder Kahai, Binghamton University, USA John Nosek, Temple University, USA International Editorial Advisory Board: Richard Baskerville, Georgia Stat University, USA Kelly Burke, University of Hawaii, USA Laku Chidambaram, University of Oklahoma, USA Robert Davison, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Ana Del Aguila-Obra, Malaga University, Spain Dorrie DeLuca, University of Delaware, USA Alan Dennis, Indiana University, USA Brian Detlor, McMaster University, Canada Kevin Dow, Kent State University, USA Joey George, Florida State University, USA Varun Grover, Clemson University, USA Donald Hantula, Temple University, USA Wayne Huang, Ohio University, USA Sid Huff, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Gordon Hunter, University of Lethbridge, Canada Julie Kendall, Rutgers University, USA Rajiv Kohli, University of Notre Dame, USA Christine Kydd, University of Delaware, USA Isidro Laso Ballesteros, European Commission, Belgium Stephen Lunce, Midwestern State University, USA Rosalie Ocker, Pennsylvania State University, USA Nicholas Romano, Oklahoma State University, USA Anne Rouse, Deakin University, Australia Paulo Rupino da Cunha, University of Coimbra, Portugal Cynthia Ruppel, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA Chen-Han Sung, Texas A&M University, USA Jacques Verville, Texas A&M University, USA Todd Watkins, Lehigh University, USA Vance Wilson, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, USA