Advances in Electronic Commerce (AEC): 24 Volumes

Advances in Electronic Commerce (AEC): 24 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
ISSN: 1935-2921|EISSN: 1935-293X
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The impact of information technology on commerce is a dynamic and perpetually evolving field of research, most notably as electronic approaches for business transactions shift to the Internet and other telecommunication networks. Given the rapid advancements in the field, research addressing e-commerce and its related areas needs an outlet to reach its audience.

The Advances in Electronic Commerce (AEC) Book Series provides comprehensive coverage and understanding of the social, cultural, organizational, and cognitive impacts of e-commerce technologies. The series provides accounts from both the consumer perspective and the organization perspective. AEC aims to expand the body of knowledge regarding e-commerce technologies and applications, thus assisting researchers and practitioners to develop more effective systems.

Topics Covered

  • B2B and C2C Technologies
  • Commerce Strategy
  • Digital Economy
  • Electronic Banking
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Electronic Money
  • E-Tailing
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Transaction Processing
  • Paid Content
  • Social Media and E-Commerce
  • Virtual Marketplaces
  • Virtual Storefronts
  • Web Commerce

Titles in Series

Adoption of NFTs and Cryptocurrency in Marketing
Reena Malik (Chitkara University, India), Jyoti Verma (Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, Punjab, India), Prashant Chaudhary (Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, India), Ambuj Sharma (Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute, India)
Copyright © 2024. 294 pages.
In modern business, digital skills have become a prerequisite for organizational success. Amidst the digital transformation, cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens...
Advancing SMEs Toward E-Commerce Policies for Sustainability
Rajasekhara Mouly Potluri (Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan), Narasimha Rao Vajjhala (University of New York Tirana, Albania)
Copyright © 2023. 332 pages.
When traditional shopping becomes challenging, people are inclined to shop online. Recent limitations like government-imposed quarantines, social distancing, and fea...
Empirical Research for Futuristic E-Commerce Systems: Foundations and Applications
Saurabh Bilgaiyan (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Deemed), Bhubaneswar, India), Jagannath Singh (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Deemed), Bhubaneswar, India), Himansu Das (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Deemed), Bhubaneswar, India)
Copyright © 2022. 344 pages.
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of e-commerce users. This has caused online shopping to become a new and challenging market for e-commerce vendors...
Handbook of Research on Social Impacts of E-Payment and Blockchain Technology
P.C. Lai (University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2022. 561 pages.
The social landscape is undergoing a global change with the emergence of e-payment and blockchain technology. This new technology changes the ways in which consumers...
Moving Businesses Online and Embracing E-Commerce: Impact and Opportunities Caused by COVID-19
Tereza Semerádová (Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic), Petr Weinlich (Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic)
Copyright © 2022. 275 pages.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused global shock to the entire economic system. As a result of the government restrictions, both production and distribution channels were i...
Handbook of Research on the Platform Economy and the Evolution of E-Commerce
Myriam Ertz (LaboNFC, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Canada)
Copyright © 2022. 554 pages.
In the past two decades, research on electronic commerce and platforms has thrived. Tremendous academic research has been conducted on this specific concept. Over th...
Cross-Border E-Commerce Marketing and Management
Md. Rakibul Hoque (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh & Emporia State University, USA), R. Edward Bashaw (Emporia State University, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 349 pages.
The continued advancement of globalization, increases in internet connectivity, compatibility of international payment systems, and adaptability of logistics and shi...
Handbook of Research on Innovation and Development of E-Commerce and E-Business in ASEAN
Mohammad Nabil Almunawar (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei), Muhammad Anshari (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei), Syamimi Ariff Lim (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei)
Copyright © 2021. 738 pages.
Business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce transactions, including social commerce, are rapidly expanding, although e-commerce is still sma...
Impact of Mobile Services on Business Development and E-Commerce
Francisco Liébana (University of Granada, Spain), Zoran Kalinić (University of Kragujevac, Serbia), Iviane Ramos de Luna (Open University of Catalonia, Spain), Inma Rodríguez-Ardura (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)
Copyright © 2020. 280 pages.
Mobile devices have become an essential item in the daily lives of many people. As with any innovation, mobile services present both opportunities and challenges to...
Internet Taxation and E-Retailing Law in the Global Context
Sana Moid (Amity University, India), Shailja Dixit (Amity University, India)
Copyright © 2018. 245 pages.
As business becomes more globalized and developed within the era of the internet, marketing activities are affected by evolving technologies. Challenges arise in add...
User Innovation and the Entrepreneurship Phenomenon in the Digital Economy
Pedro Isaias (Information Systems and Technology Management School, The University of New South Wales, Australia), Luísa Cagica Carvalho (Universidade Aberta, Portugal & Universidade de Evora, Portugal)
Copyright © 2018. 357 pages.
The digital economy is a main driver of change, innovation, and competitiveness for various companies and entrepreneurs. Exploring developments in these initiatives...
Trust and Technology in B2B E-Commerce: Practices and Strategies for Assurance
Muneesh Kumar (University of Delhi, India), Mamta Sareen (University of Delhi, India)
Copyright © 2012. 329 pages.
As the use of technology has considerably increased in B2B e-commerce, it becomes imperative to address the issues of trust that emerge in the context of technology....
Customer Relationship Management and the Social and Semantic Web: Enabling Cliens Conexus
Ricardo Colomo-Palacios (Østfold University College, Norway), João Varajão (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal), Pedro Soto-Acosta (University of Murcia, Spain)
Copyright © 2012. 360 pages.
The ever-growing influence of the Internet has caused a paradigm shift in relationships between customers and companies. New types of interaction introduced by Web 1...
E-Banking and Emerging Multidisciplinary Processes: Social, Economical and Organizational Models
Mohammad Ali Sarlak (Payame Noor University, Iran), Asghar Abolhasani Hastiani (Payame Noor University, Iran)
Copyright © 2011. 227 pages.
The innovative utilization of the Internet and other information and communication technologies in the banking sector has created somewhat of an e-banking phenomenon...
Virtual Worlds and E-Commerce: Technologies and Applications for Building Customer Relationships
Barbara Ciaramitaro (Ferris State University, USA)
Copyright © 2011. 399 pages.
With the rise of the collaborative Web 2.0 technologies, the face of e-commerce has evolved from a static presentation of products and services to an interactive par...
E-Commerce Trends for Organizational Advancement: New Applications and Methods
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2010. 378 pages.
While buying and selling goods and services once necessitated a face-to-face transaction, much of the commerce we now undertake is completely electronic. Recent adva...
Ubiquitous Commerce for Creating the Personalized Marketplace: Concepts for Next Generation Adoption
Humphry Hung (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong), Y H Wong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong), Vincent Cho (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
Copyright © 2009. 324 pages.
Ubiquitous commerce (u-commerce) creates a dynamic convergence of the physical and digital, producing Web-based wireless and next-generation technologies in ways tha...
Consumer Behavior, Organizational Development, and Electronic Commerce: Emerging Issues for Advancing Modern Socioeconomies
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2009. 411 pages.
Considering the global spread of e-commerce technologies and the rapid pace of organizational adoption of these technological advancements, there is a need for relia...
Outsourcing and Offshoring of Professional Services: Business Optimization in a Global Economy
Amar Gupta (University of Arizona, USA)
Copyright © 2008. 440 pages.
A growing number of companies are opting to perform increasing types of professional services in foreign countries, creating, for some companies, unprecedented oppor...
Web Technologies for Commerce and Services Online
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2008. 392 pages.
Through the last decade, Internet technologies such as electronic commerce have experienced exponential growth, and emerging issues surrounding this phenomenon have...
Commerce in Space: Infrastructures, Technologies, and Applications
Phillip Olla (Madonna University, USA)
Copyright © 2008. 402 pages.
Over the next decade, significant technological advancements and policy implementations are planned to each of the five space infrastructures, (telecommunication, po...
Utilizing and Managing Commerce and Services Online
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2007. 365 pages.
As businesses, researchers, and practitioners look to devise new and innovative technologies in the realm of e-commerce, the human side in contemporary organizations...
M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives
Nikhilesh Dholakia (University of Rhode Island, USA), Morten Rask (Aarhus School of Business, Denmark), Ruby Roy Dholakia (University of Rhode Island, USA)
Copyright © 2006. 330 pages.
M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives focuses on the emerging growth of mobile telecommunications and mobile commerce around the world. To provide a global...
Advanced Topics in Electronic Commerce, Volume 1
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2005. 372 pages.
The Advanced Topics in Electronic Commerce Series provides comprehensive coverage and understanding of the social, cultural, organizational, human, and cognitive imp...

Editor(s) Biography

Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., received his Doctorate in Business Administration from the Nova Southeastern University (Florida, USA). Dr. Khosrow-Pour taught undergraduate and graduate information system courses at the Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg for almost 20 years. He is currently Executive Editor at IGI Global ( He also serves as Executive Director of the Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) ( and Executive Director of the World Forgotten Children’s Foundation ( He is the author/editor of more than 100 books in information technology management. He is also currently the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Green Computing, International Journal of Library and Information Services, International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and International Journal of Natural Computing Research, and is also the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Information Resources Management Journal, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, Journal of Cases on Information Technology, and the Journal of Information Technology Research, and has authored more than 50 articles published in various conference proceedings and scholarly journals.