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What is Abilities

Handbook of Research on Organizational Culture and Diversity in the Modern Workforce
Physical and mental capacities to perform tasks not requiring the use of tools, equipment, or machinery.
Published in Chapter:
Organizational Diversity: From Workforce Diversity to Workplace Inclusion for Persons With Disabilities
Ben Tran (Alliant International University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2250-8.ch006
An employer, according to Tran (2008), must utilize a systematic approach in predicting who is likely to succeed as a potential employee; in so doing, employers must acknowledge that potential employees, person without a disability and person with a disability, are unique individuals and not machines. Employees' performances rely not only on technical skills, knowledge, skills, and abilities (aka KSAs) but on the other characteristics, also known as the “O” in KSAOs that person without a disability and person with a disability bring themselves. Such other characteristics are more credible and reliable in predicting and determining the probability of a potential employee's success. Other characteristics, must not only be identified, but carefully examined and assessed. Validation in focusing on these other characteristics is apparent.
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Culturally Responsive Program Evaluations
The cognitive, physical, emotional, and social capacities of individuals.
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Instructional Technologies of the XXI Century: Theoretical Approach
The possibility to achieve a goal or find a solution to a problem.
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