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What is Anime

Handbook of Research on Transmedia Storytelling, Audience Engagement, and Business Strategies
This refers to both TV series and animated movies produced in Japan or influenced by this industry.
Published in Chapter:
Augmented Reality and Franchising: The Evolution of Media Mix Through Invizimals
Miguel Ángel Pérez-Gómez (University of Seville, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3119-8.ch007
In 1996, with the advent of video game franchises like Pokemon (Game Freak, 1996-), the concept of media mix (originally a Japanese concept that refers to the communicative strategies in which media content is spread across multiple platforms) began to take off. However, media mix is not exclusively limited to Japanese productions. In 2009, Novarama, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, launched the Spanish Augmented Reality video game Invizimals. A decade later, this universe has notably expanded across different platforms, evolving considerably from its original format: but falling short of integrating the entire universe. In this chapter, we examine hybridation between transmedia strategies and media mix through the Invizimals universe to demonstrate how the franchise has expanded a decade later to the point where it has consolidated its own strategic model for developing content.
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Asian Canadian Representation and Feminism for Middle Grades Students in Embrace the Panda and Turning Red
a style of comic media from Japan that features Asian characters, mostly teens, in different genres, such as romance, adventure, and mystery
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Anime Fans as Dramatists: Plotlines That Describe Japanese Animation's Potential in Public Schools
Otherwise known as Japanese animation, this describes an animated work directed by at least one person possessing or readily able to possess Japanese permanent residency or citizenship.
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Tainted Away: Violence Over Nature in the Anime of Hayao Miyazaki
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Toward a Working Definition of Digital Literacy
Hand drawn Japanese computer animation categorized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fanciful themes.
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Comic Con Communion: Gender, Cosplay, and Media Fandom
Animation of Japanese origin often based on Japanese manga comic books.
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