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What is Belonging

Hispanic Women/Latina Leaders Overcoming Barriers in Higher Education
the feeling of being accepted and approved by a group or by society as a whole. Also called belongingness (APA, 2020).
Published in Chapter:
¿Que Estoy Loca? –– Crazy?
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3763-3.ch010
Mental health does not discriminate against race, color, gender, or religion. Unfortunately, anyone can experience symptoms of mental distress or illness at some point of their lives. The National Alliance of Mental Illness acknowledged that there exists a stigma among Latinos associated with mental health issues. They are ashamed to be seen as loco/crazy or débil/weak. Through the process of collecting data for my study, several participants shared that they have suffered from severe stress in the process of achieving tenure or securing a full-time position in their journey in academe. The symptoms of stress (emotional tension), depression (despondency and dejection), and ultimately, burnout (emotional, physical, and mental fatigue from prolonged stress) have, in many cases, caused setbacks in careers or health issues. This chapter will present the characteristics of stress, depression, and burnout, which are some of the socio-emotional symptoms of mental health problems. The purpose will be to create awareness about them and to point out the importance of seeking help if a person experiences any of these symptoms, especially Latinas in higher education institutions.
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Social Change: The Power of Place
Acceptance as a member or part that adds value in life and assists in coping.
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Intersectionality in Leadership: Spotlighting the Experiences of Black Women DEI Leaders in Historically White Academic Institutions
the sense of fitting in or feeling like one is an important member of a group. When one belongs, one is an official part of a group; there is a sense of compatibility and suiting with specific people and places. A feeling of belonging describes the sense of genuinely fitting or meshing (i.e., with friends, family members, or other sympathetic people).
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Using “Plain Vanilla” Online Discussions to Foster Students' Learning: From Research to Practice
Conceptualized, in the classroom, as perceptions of support from teachers and peers on academic and personal dimensions.
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Third Space Possibilities of Storytelling: Exploring Diverse Experiences Through Autoethnography
Feeling accepted, secure, and included as a member of a certain group.
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Transcendental Bioethics of Displacement: Good v Evil III
The state or feeling of being connected, accepted, or included within a group, society, or environment.
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The Role of Video and Text Chat in a Virtual Classroom: How Technology Impacts Community
Feeling that one fits in with the group and has strong connections to the group members.
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The Experiential Learning Design Accelerator: Integrating Human-Centered Design With Student Learning Assessment
A sense of feeling of acceptance and affinity for a certain setting or with a specific group.
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Inclusion, Diversity Belonging, Equity, and Accessibility Principles on College Campuses: How Faculty and Staff Can Create a Culture of Empowerment for Student Success
The need to feel accepted and connected to a community (Tovor & Simon, 2010 AU54: The in-text citation "Tovor & Simon, 2010" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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