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What is Business Environment

Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management for Contemporary Business Environments
A combination of all external and internal factors that influence the operations of a business.
Published in Chapter:
Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage
Juliana Mulaa Namada (United States International University – Africa, Kenya)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3725-0.ch006
Environmental turbulence in today's business landscape has elicited deep concerns in contemporary business organizations. As a result, organizations seek to achieve competitive advantage through organizational learning. This chapter presents organizational learning as a key source of competitive advantage in contemporary business organizations. It examines the concept of organizational learning by definition and delves in the four constituents that form the concept of organizational learning, namely knowledge acquisition, knowledge distribution, information interpretation, and organizational memory. Further, the chapter focuses on the factors affecting organizational learning together with competitive advantage as an outcome of organizational learning.
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Business Competencies Within Unstable Business Environments
External factors, which could affect business activity. They could cover factors from political, legal, social, technical or environmental areas.
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Role of Technology Startups in Africa's Digital Ecosystem
Is the combination of internal and external factors that influence a company’s operating situation. It can include factors such as clients and suppliers; its competition and owners; improvements in technology, laws, and government activities; and market, social, and economic trends.
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A Holistic Model for Linking Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and Strategic Innovation in the Context of Globalization
The business environment includes the external forces impinging upon the corporation. It includes the social, economic, political, technological, environmental, and market forces. It also includes the external dimensions of markets, stakeholders, and competition.
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Global Business Environment
The combination of internal and external factors that impact on the functioning of the organization. Those may include the mission and employees, the company’s partners as well as macro-environment factors such as economy, technology, legal among others.
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Business Environment as Key Driver of SME Performance
It is a combination of all factors both controllable and uncontrollable that affect the performance of a firm.
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Harnessing the Power of Differentiation: A Case of Indian Business Schools
It is the sum of internal and external factors which influences the functioning of any entity within its radius.
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